What is the average SAT score for Franklin and Marshall?

What is the average SAT score for Franklin and Marshall?


How much is Franklin and Marshall tuition?

58,800 USD (2019 – 20)

What GPA do you need to get into Franklin and Marshall?


Is Franklin and Marshall a good school?

Franklin & Marshall College’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges, #43. These days, the institution is a well-regarded liberal arts college home to top-notch research and innovative student programming.

Does Bucknell give merit scholarships?

Scholarship Programs. Bucknell University’s merit awarding process is comprehensive, holistic and extremely competitive. Merit scholarships are awarded at the time of admission and are only available for incoming first-year students.

Is Lehigh University an elite school?

A swath of U.S. universities like Lehigh, traditionally perceived as being a notch below the most elite, have seen their cachet climb because of the competitive crush at the top. About 12,000 students applied this year to Lehigh, known for its strength in engineering and business.

Is Franklin and Marshall sat optional?

Franklin & Marshall College has been and is proud to continue being a test optional institution. In order to apply using the Standardized Test Option, students must indicate their testing preference on the Common Application or Coalition Application when applying.

Is Franklin and Marshall need blind?

Franklin & Marshall is an outstanding college with a storied past and incredible future. Those colleges meet the financial needs of their students. They are need-blind. Many colleges to which we compare ourselves are need-blind in admissions or much closer to it than we are—Colby, Hamilton and Middlebury among them.

Is Franklin and Marshall d3?

Franklin & Marshall sponsors 27 intercollegiate teams, and nearly 30 percent of the student body competes in varsity sports. F&M is among an elite group of liberal arts colleges that maintain exceptional academic standards while also competing in Division III athletics at a highly successful level.

What makes Franklin and Marshall unique?

With a distinctive approach to college housing, more than 140 active student clubs and organizations, dozens of club and intramural sports teams, its own art museum and writers’ enclave, and abundant opportunities to engage in volunteer service, Franklin & Marshall provides students with a vibrant campus life …

What is the acceptance rate for Franklin and Marshall?

30.4% (2020)

How many students attend Franklin and Marshall?

2,209 (2014)

What SAT score is required for Lehigh?


Does Franklin and Marshall give merit scholarships?

Franklin & Marshall College, a liberal arts school in Pennsylvania’s Amish region, ended almost all merit aid a few years ago and expanded grants for those in need, a pivot that powered a recruiting revolution with uncommon results. Some dangle “merit aid” to lure academic stars.

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