What is the best exercise after ACL surgery?

What is the best exercise after ACL surgery?

Top Rehab Exercises After ACL Surgery

  1. Quadriceps Contractions. Lying flat, tighten your thigh muscle with a straight knee until the back of the knee pushes into the bed.
  2. Straight Leg Raises.
  3. Heel Slides.
  4. Patellar Mobilizations.
  5. Seated Knee Flexion.
  6. Prone Hangs.
  7. Core Training.
  8. Ambulation Training.

How do you strengthen your ACL after surgery?

Post-Op ACL Exercises (Level 1)

  1. LONG SITTING TOWEL CALF STRETCH. Sit up with good posture and place towel on the bottom of your foot, while holding on to the ends.
  2. SUPINE HAMSTRING STRETCH. Sit up and place towel over your foot, while holding on to the towel with both hands.

When should I start exercising after ACL surgery?

Between 6-12 weeks the focus will be on improving muscle strength, coordination, and balance. It is critical to progressively increase the level of activity to avoid risk of reinjury. At the 3-month mark you may be cleared to begin running. Start slow and be mindful of how the knee responds to the new activity.

What exercises should you do to prepare for ACL surgery?

Exercising before ACL surgery can help maintain muscle. You should always consult your doctor before beginning pre-surgery ACL exercises. A heel dig bridge exercise will help strengthen your hamstrings and hip muscles. Lie on the floor or on an exercise mat with your back on the floor. Bend your knees.

What to do after an ACL surgery?

Recovering After ACL Surgery: What to Expect. Stay off your leg: You’ll be instructed to stay off the affected leg after surgery and may be given a brace or a splint to wear. Use crutches when walking: This helps you move around while limiting pressure on the knee. Take care of your wound: Before you’re discharged from the hospital,…

What precautions should I take before getting an ACL surgery?

Restore normal knee ROM

  • Improve quadriceps and hamstring strength
  • Improve hip strength and stability
  • Maximize balance and proprioception
  • Control pain and swelling in your knee
  • Which is upper body exercises after ACL surgery?

    Quad Sets. Quad sets are likely one of the first exercises your doctor will have you do after ACL surgery, according to the University of Minnesota. Perform a quad set by sitting on the ground with your injured leg extended and your other leg bent so your foot is flat on the ground. Put a small rolled-up towel under your injured knee for comfort.

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