What is the Canon equivalent to Nikon D800?

What is the Canon equivalent to Nikon D800?

D800 and 5D Mark III Specification Comparison

Camera Feature Nikon D800 Canon 5D Mark III
Sensor Resolution 36.3 Million 22.3 Million
Sensor Type CMOS CMOS
Sensor Size 35.9x24mm 36x24mm
Dust Reduction / Sensor Cleaning Yes Yes

Is Canon 5D Mark 3 waterproof?

A full featured and durable waterproof housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 5DS, and 5DS R DSLR cameras. Suitable for scuba, snorkel, surf, pool, and any application in or around the water. This housing requires the addition of a compatible DL Lens Port for waterproof operation.

What is the difference between the Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III?

The biggest difference, however, is the price – the Nikon D800 retails for $2,999, while the Canon 5D Mark III is $3,499 – a $500 difference.

Is the Canon 5D Mark III really better at high ISOs?

This essentially means that the Canon 5D Mark III has an edge in terms of noise performance at high ISOs – but that’s at 100% view. A real and a fair comparison involves a down-sampling process, in which an image from a higher resolution sensor is down-sampled to a lower resolution, which ultimately reduces noise on the higher resolution sensor.

What do you think about the D800?

My D800 is a bony little thing, with a grip that’s too small. My 5D Mark III feels much better, with a fuller, more rounded grip and everything molding itself better to my hand — and it weighs less.

How many megapixels does the Nikon D800 have?

Featuring an impressive 36.3 MP sensor, the Nikon D800 was a huge jump from the 12.1 MP sensor that we all got so used to ever since the Nikon D3 came out in 2007.

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