What is the correct definition of repose?

What is the correct definition of repose?

1a : a state of resting after exertion or strain especially : rest in sleep. b : eternal or heavenly rest pray for the repose of a soul. 2a : a place of rest. b : peace, tranquility the repose of the bayous.

What does serene repose mean?

peace; tranquillity; calm. dignified calmness, as of manner; composure. absence of movement, animation, etc.: When in repose, her face recalls the Mona Lisa.

What is the difference between tranquility and tranquillity?

Tranquility More common spelling in the US; less common in the UK. Tranquillity is the quality or state of being tranquil; that is, calm, serene. There is no more difference between tranquility and tranquillity only a difference of spelling meaning is same ,the state of being calm,relaxedness,quietness.

How do you use repose?

Repose in a Sentence 🔉

  1. When you begin to meditate, you need to sit in repose and try to empty your mind of all thoughts.
  2. Not wishing to disturb whatever might be lying in repose, the troop tiptoed past the cave.
  3. Sometimes, when I don’t want anyone to bother me, I go to the public library, my favorite place of repose.

What is Angle of Repose?

The angle of repose, or critical angle of repose, of a granular material is the steepest angle of descent or dip relative to the horizontal plane to which a material can be piled without slumping. At this angle, the material on the slope face is on the verge of sliding.

What is the difference between harmony and tranquility?

As adjectives the difference between tranquil and harmonious is that tranquil is free from emotional or mental disturbance while harmonious is showing accord in feeling or action.

Does repose mean rest?

As a verb, repose means to rest or relax, or to rest on something for support: “There she was, reposing on the front porch.” The verb is from Middle English, from Old French reposer, from Late Latin repausāre, “to cause to rest,” from the Latin prefix re-, “again,” plus pausāre, “to rest.”

What is the difference between tranquility and serenity?

As nouns the difference between tranquillity and serenity is that tranquillity is the state of being tranquil while serenity is the state of being serene; calmness; peacefulness.

How do you spell tranquillity in UK?

noun. The quality or state of being tranquil; calm.

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