What is the cost of studies weekly?

What is the cost of studies weekly?

Get weekly newspapers or magazines for every student in your classroom for the entire school year — with full access to our online education platform — for just $8.15 per student. You can also specifically request the Spanish-language version of our publications for California and Texas.

How do you buy study weekly?

Teachers. Teachers, you can purchase Studies Weekly materials quickly online at store.studiesweekly.com. You select your state, and then choose products according to curriculum and number of students. You can also contact customer service by phone at (866) 311-8734 for questions and custom orders.

Is Studies Weekly a reliable source?

Studies Weekly has been a trusted source for valuable educational tools since 1984. Students will enjoy learning and engaging with both print and digital tools that have been specifically designed to fit their educational needs.

When was Studies Weekly made?

May 18, 1936 – July 4, 2013. Studies Weekly began in 1984 when fourth-grade teacher Paul Thompson needed a state history textbook to use in his class. He decided to write his own state history textbook — in a weekly magazine format — and Studies Weekly was born.

Why Teach with “studies weekly?

“Studies Weekly has provided our teachers with an effective and easy way to teach their social studies and science standards to students in kindergarten through the sixth grade. The weekly curriculum has a variety of topics, digital support, and activities to use for quality student engagement. Our teachers love the primary sources too!

What will you learn in Week 4 of Culture Week?

Students will discuss ancient civilizations/historic tribes and compare cultural aspects by region. How Did It All Begin? Week 4 – How Did It All Begin? Students will examine and understand the causes and effects of European colonization in the United States beginning in 1565.

What’s new in government week 18 and 19?

Week 18 – Plans for the New Government Students will demonstrate their understanding of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and will compare Federalist and Anti-Federalist views of government. Red, White, Blue and Yellow? Week 19 – Government of the People

Is there a processing fee for studies weekly products?

Note: If you are using ClassWallet to purchase Studies Weekly products, please note all orders of $500 or more will be charged a small processing fee.

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