What is the CPT code for anterior Colporrhaphy?

What is the CPT code for anterior Colporrhaphy?

Code 57240 (anterior colporrhaphy, repair of cystocele with or without repair of ure- throcele), therefore, will always be bundled.

What is the CPT code for uterosacral ligament suspension?

intraperitoneal vaginal colpopexy (eg, high uterosacral ligament suspension, 57283)

What is the CPT code for laparoscopic Enterocele repair?

The preferred alternative code for such a procedure would be CPT code 58999 (unlisted procedure, female genital system, non-obstetrical) with reference to either CPT code 57283 (colpopexy vaginal, intraperitoneal) or perhaps 57270 (repair of enterocele, abdominal approach, separate procedure) if enterocele is present.

How is Cystocele repair done?

Cystocele repair surgery is done through a small incision (surgical cut) in your vaginal wall. If a sling is being placed, your surgeon will make 2 smaller incisions on your lower abdomen (belly) or inner thigh.

What is a Uterosacral ligament suspension?

A uterosacral ligament suspension is a surgical procedure to restore the support of the top of the vagina after hysterectomy. It can be performed at the same time as a hysterectomy or later on in life in women who have previously undergone a hysterectomy.

What is a colpopexy surgery?

Sacral colpopexy is a surgery used to repair pelvic organ prolapse. This is a condition where your pelvic organs, such as your vagina and uterus, sag or fall out. Sacral colpopexy treats pelvic organ prolapse by putting your organs back where they should be.

What does the term colpopexy mean?

Colpopexy: The use of stitches to bring a displaced vagina back into position against the abdominal wall.

What is the CPT code for McCall culdoplasty with rectocele?

Reader inquires about coding for McCall culdoplasty. They often do a McCall procedure when a rectocele is present. One provider said it is CPT 57283. But I read an article that said a McCall repairs an “enterocele” and code 58263 would be used if doing one during a vaginal hysterectomy.

Is McCall culdoplasty effective in the prevention of posthysterectomy enterocele?

In a randomized study, Cruikshank and Kovac8 demonstrated the superiority of McCall culdoplastyto uterosacral plication and simple peritoneal closure in the prevention of posthysterectomy enterocele.

Is a cul-de-sac caudectomy billable?

This procedure not only supports the vaginal cuff but also closes off the cul-de-sac, thus preventing the formation of an enterocele. As such it would be considered integral to the normal vaginal hysterectomy procedure and is not separately billable.

What is the CPT code for enterocele repair?

For example, if your billing staff itemized the procedures by reporting 58260 for the vaginal hysterectomy and 57268 [ Repair of enterocele, vaginal approach (separate procedure) ], then the enterocele repair (McCall) would be denied as inclusive, as these two codes are bundled.

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