What is the difference between a 777 and 787?

What is the difference between a 777 and 787?

The Boeing 777 series is generally larger than the 787 and thus can carry more passengers. The 787-10 has a higher capacity than the smaller 777-200 series. However, it falls short of the larger 777-300 models by 66 passengers in a typical two-class configuration.

Is Boeing 787 better than 777x?

As all airlines know, a bigger jet is more challenging to fill up than a smaller aircraft. If large capacity is an airline’s goal, then the 777-9 is your best bet. However, if a company is looking for a better deal and doesn’t mind a slight compromise, then the 787-10 is actually more profitable.

Is 777 or 787 newer?

Age. As you may have guessed, the 777 series is older than the 787 series. Boeing began producing 777 airplanes in 1993. In 1994, United Airlines became the first commercial airline to use the 777 in its fleet.

What is the difference between 777 200LR and 777 200ER?

The differences are entirely in the interior, in the engines, to be precise. The -200 was designed primarily for US domestic transcon routes. It is equipped with 340 kN thrust engines, giving it a MTOW of 247 Tonnes. The -200ER has more advanced engines with 417 kN thrust, giving it an increased MTOW of 298 tonnes.

What is the difference between the Boeing 787 and 777?

Singapore Airlines welcomed the world’s first Boeing 787-10 aircraft at Singapore Changi Airport back in March 2018. Photo: Getty Images The Boeing 777 series is generally larger than the 787 and thus can carry more passengers.

What is the range of a Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner?

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, with a range of 14,200 to 15,200km (7,650 to 8,200nmi), is the fifth longest range airliner in the world. It consumes less fuel compared to similarly-sized aircraft and can carry up to 250 passengers.

Why is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner so popular?

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been a revolutionary aircraft. It has allowed super cheap long haul carriers to exist and insanely long routes to open.

How many passengers can a Boeing 777 hold?

With that said, the 777 series is able to hold a few dozen more passengers than the 787 series. Of course, passenger accommodation varies depending on the specific variant. Some variants support more passengers than others. Regardless, most 777 variants are able to hold more passengers than 787 variants.

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