What is the difference between DS-11 and DS-82?

What is the difference between DS-11 and DS-82?

The DS-82 form can be used for all adult passport renewals (passports valid for 10-years, still valid or expired less than five years ago). Fill the DS-11 form out online and print it. This form requires you to come to the Consulate in person, at all times.

What is a DS-11 passport?

The DS-11 form also known as ‘Application For a U.S. Passport’ is the form required to be filled by those who are applying for a first-time passport, damaged, lost or stolen passport, or renewing passport that had expired more than 5 years ago.

Who is restricted from getting a passport?

Some citizens will find, however, that criminal convictions, child support arrears, and other financial and legal troubles prevent them from obtaining a United States passport. Even age can be a problem. Minors under 16 years of age are ineligible to get a passport without parental consent.

Can I get form DS-82 at the post office?

DS-82 and any passport application form could be found at any post offices around the United States, and embassy around the world. To find a DS-82 form in your area you could look up by using out database here.

What crimes prevent you from getting a passport?

Offenses that may prevent the issuance of a passport include any violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act or the Controlled Substances Import and Export Act, plus any violation of state law that prohibits the possession, distribution, or manufacture of controlled substances.

Can I just get a passport card and not the book?

You can apply for both the book and card with the same application but it is not required that you obtain both. Note that there is no significant difference in processing time for a passport card versus a passport book. Both can be expedited, but some passport agencies do not expedite passport cards.

How long does it take to renew a passport in Minnesota?

U.S. Passport Renewals in Minnesota An adult passport lasts 10 years from the issue date. You should renew your US passport several months before it expires, particularly if you have upcoming travel plans. Many countries will refuse to accept passports that are six months from expiration.

How do I get a hold on my Childs passport in Minnesota?

Parents who want a hold on their passport released should call the Minnesota state child support office at 651-431-4400. The child support office will tell the parent what they must do to release the hold. Often payment in full is required.

Do you need a passport to travel in Minnesota?

Passports in Minnesota You must submit your passport application and receive a US passport before you attempt to travel abroad. You need a passport to enter foreign countries. A passport serves both as proof of your American citizenship and proof of your identity.

How do I get an expedited passport in Minnesota?

In order to get an expedited passport in less than 72 hours, you must call the DOS and explain your situation. Set up an appointment with the Minneapolis passport agency as soon as you can. Bring all necessary passport documents, including evidence of emergency.

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