What is the difference between refuse and recycling?

What is the difference between refuse and recycling?

Garbage (or waste) is those products or parts of products that we’ve disposed of because they’re now unwanted and “unusable”. Recycling (or recycled products) are those products or parts of products that we’ve disposed of but can be re-used either for their original purpose or completely re-purposed for a new purpose.

Can black refuse bags be recycled?

Please never use black refuse sacks for recycling. If you have a purple wheelie bin or a large communal recycling bin, empty your recycling into the bin loose or use any clear sack. You can use an indoor bin, cardboard boxes or ‘bags for life’ to store recycling and empty it into purple or communal recycling bins.

What is example of refuse?

Refuse means trash. An example of refuse is old furniture and papers left in a pile on the side of the road. Refuse is defined as to reject or to decide to not do something. An example of to refuse is to say no to attending a party.

Is Lewisham dump open?

Lewisham Borough’s Tip, which is also called the Reuse and Recycling centre can be found at Landmann Way in Deptford. It is open everyday of the week, even bank holidays. Although weekends are really busy and the recommendation is that you get there early at weekends.

How do I dispose of old pillows?

Duvets and pillows are not recyclable; however some animal charities may be able to use them for bedding. Otherwise, they should be put in the general waste.

How do you dispose of old bedding?

Donate to charity As many recycling centres do not accept duvets, donating them to charity is a great way of giving them a second life. Depending on the condition of your old bedding, homeless charities will often welcome donations of unwanted duvets which can help keep homeless people warm and comfortable at night.

What does refuse mean in recycling?

REFUSE: Think before you buy and be prepared to not buy at all.

How to dispose of your waste in Lewisham?

Our teams of workers know how to dispose of all of your waste. We will use the best methods and the proper permits to discard your waste. For more about our SE13 waste disposal services, call us 020 3540 8282 now. A thorough Lewisham, SE13 rubbish removal will get rid of that clutter that stacks up in and around your home and garden.

Can you recycle at the Landmann Way recycling centre?

Have your say! The recycling centre at Landmann Way is open to Lewisham residents. You must book an appointment to enter the recycling centre. Due to high demand, you may also experience delays at the recycling centre. Find a list of what you can and can’t bring to the recycling centre.

Can I have my old sofa disposed of in Lewisham?

We provide same day or next day old sofa disposal in Lewisham and all old living room furniture removal you may wish to have removed in Lewisham. We have many years of experience of dismantling and removing all kinds of old furniture in Lewisham.

Where is the reuse and recycling centre in New Cross?

Information about the reuse and recycling centre on Landmann Way in New Cross, including who can use the centre, how to book, when it is open and what you can recycle. We want to create a cleaner and greener Lewisham.

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