What is the Einstein theory of relativity?

What is the Einstein theory of relativity?

For the silent film, see The Einstein Theory of Relativity. The theory of relativity usually encompasses two interrelated theories by Albert Einstein: special relativity and general relativity, proposed and published in 1905 and 1915, respectively. Special relativity applies to all physical phenomena in the absence of gravity.

Who translated relativity by Albert Einstein?

Relativity: The Special and General Theory. Translated by Robert W. Lawson (The masterpiece science ed.). New York: Pi Press. ISBN 978-0-13-186261-6. Einstein, Albert (1920). Relativity: The Special and General Theory (PDF).

Who proposed special relativity theory?

Albert Einstein originally proposed this theory in one of his paper “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”. Special relativity implies consequences like mass-energy equivalence, relativity of simultaneity, length contraction and a universal speed limit.

What is general relativity?

General relativity is a theory of gravitation developed by Einstein in the years 1907–1915. The development of general relativity began with the equivalence principle , under which the states of accelerated motion and being at rest in a gravitational field (for example, when standing on the surface of the Earth) are physically identical.

What are the different concepts of relativity?

Theory of Relativity Concepts. Einstein’s theory of relativity includes the interworking of several different concepts, which include: Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity – localized behavior of objects in inertial frames of reference, generally only relevant at speeds very near the speed of light.

What does Einstein’s theory of relativity describe about the metric tensor?

It describes the state of matter and geometry everywhere and at every moment in that particular universe. Due to its general covariance, Einstein’s theory is not sufficient by itself to determine the time evolution of the metric tensor.

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