What is the Form 5500 series?

What is the Form 5500 series?

The Form 5500 Series is an important compliance, research, and disclosure tool for the Department of Labor, a disclosure document for plan participants and beneficiaries, and a source of information and data for use by other Federal agencies, Congress, and the private sector in assessing employee benefit, tax, and economic trends and policies.

Who is the manufacturer of VisionTek 5500xt?

The VisionTek 5500XT series provides what every gamer wants in their graphics card: Performance, style and affordability. Manufacturer: VisionTek Products, LLC. Manufacturer Part Number: 901316. Brand Name: VisionTek.

What are the specifications of a Radeon Rx 5500xt?

Product Name: Radeon RX 5500XT 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card. Product Type: Graphic Card. [Technical Information] API Supported: Vulkan. OpenCL. OpenGL 4.6. DirectX 12. [Processor & Chipset] Chipset Manufacturer: AMD. Chipset Line: Radeon. Chipset Series: RX 5500. Chipset Model: RX 5500 XT. GPU Clock: 1.61 GHz. GPU Boost Clock: 1.85 GHz.

What do you think about the gfa-5500?

The GFA – 5500 is a 200 watt per channel version of the larger 5802 power amplifier. Both are based on a Nelson Pass 3 stage amplifier design that leverage MosFet (HexFet) outputs. These amplifiers are excellent. I had the prior versions (GFA555 series 2 and the 565 mono blocks, both bipolar).

Can I use form 5500-sf instead of Form 5 500-ez?

You can no longer use Form 5500-SF in place of Form 5500-EZ. Certain foreign plans maintained outside the U.S. by a domestic employer or a foreign employer primarily for the benefit of nonresident aliens must file Form 5500-EZ rather than Form 5500. Advantages to filing your one-participant plan return electronically using Form 5500-EZ.

How do I file Form 5500-ez for a foreign plan?

Beginning January 1, 2021, a one-participant plan or a foreign plan required to file an annual return can file Form 5500-EZ electronically using the Department of Labor’s EFAST2 filing system, or file Form 5500-EZ on paper with the IRS. Form 5500-SF can no longer be used by a one-participant plan or a foreign plan filer in place of Form 5500-EZ.

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