What is the Hindu birth ritual?

What is the Hindu birth ritual?

Hinduism. In Hinduism, the ceremony is traditionally known as Namkaran or Namakarana Sanskar, this ceremony is conducted in an elaborative form on the 12th day after birth. In Kerala, this is conducted on 28th day and called as Noolukettu( transl.

How do Hindus honor the birth of a child?

Hindus believe that mental state of a pregnant woman affects the unborn child. Once the child enters the world, Jatakarma is performed to welcome the child into the family, by putting some honey in the child’s mouth and whispering the name of God in the child’s ear.

What is the first ritual to be done after a child has been born?

Annaprasana is the ceremony in which the baby first tastes solid food and usually takes place about six months after birth. The ceremony can be held either at home with the assistance of a priest or at the temple.

What ceremony is performed in the process from birth to death?

A funeral is a ceremony connected with the final disposition of a corpse, such as a burial or cremation, with the attendant observances.

What is Punyadhanam?

Cradle ceremony is called Punya dhanam here in the south. Each child is like a fingerprint, each one is different and each one is beautiful in their own way.

What happens to a Hindu baby when they are born?

In some Hindu families, 40 days after birth, the baby is taken to the community mandir for a naming ceremony. The father offers ghee -soaked wood on the fire. After announcing the baby’s name, the priest pours holy water onto the baby’s head and puts a few drops of amrit on the baby’s tongue.

How is Hindu Marriage done?

Nevertheless, the Hindu wedding ceremony at its core is essentially a Vedic yajna ritual and three key rituals are almost universal: Kanyadan, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi—which are respectively, giving away of his daughter by the father, voluntarily holding hands near the fire to signify union, and taking seven ‘steps …

Why do we shave head after death?

Mundan, as they call it, is the ritual of shaving the head post the death of an elderly member in the family. It is believed that shaving off the hair helps men to let go of their ego. It gives them a sense of responsibility and reminds them to be obedient and become more selfless while performing their deeds.

What is Chuchak ceremony?

In our family the girls’ parents bring everything for the first baby. This is called chuchak; it is the baby’s dowry.” Since that day her mother-in-law was always saying things like, “I gave this and that to my daughter in chuchak.”

What is Barasala function?

Barasala (or) Namakarana Dolarohana (or) Naam Karan is a traditional ceremony of naming a newborn baby among Hindu communities of India. Jews celebrate this ceremony in the name of Javed Habat or Brit Mila.

What is a voodoo ceremony?

Voodoo is an animist faith. That is, objects and natural phenomena are believed to possess holy significance, to possess a soul. Thus the Loa Agwe is the divine presence behind the hurricane. Music and dance are key elements to Voodoo ceremonies. Ceremonies were often termed by whites “Night Dancing” or “Voodoo Dancing”.

What is Voodoo religion?

Understanding Voodoo. Vodou is also known as Vodoun, Voodoo, and by several other variants. It is a syncretic religion that combines Roman Catholicism and native African religion, particularly from the religion of the Dahomey region of West Africa (the modern day nation of Benin).

What are the birth rituals in Hinduism?

Important Birth Rites and Rituals in Hinduism. Special ceremonies are performed before the baby is born for the welfare of the mother and child. The family priest or pundit will come to the family’s home to perform various rites. In Hindu dharma, the birth of a child is considered a religious activity.

What is a Vodou doll?

Vodou (or Voodoo) is a monotheistic religion that is often misunderstood. Common in Haiti and New Orleans, Vodou merges Catholic and African beliefs to form a unique set of rituals that include Voodoo dolls and symbolic drawings .

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