What is the importance of traditional characters in the celebration of carnival in Trinidad and Tobago?

What is the importance of traditional characters in the celebration of carnival in Trinidad and Tobago?

One being that it is a part of Trinidad and Tobago’s history and it needs to be preserved and remembered. It is important even as pretty mas becomes more and more popular that part of the Carnival celebrations still is dedicated to traditional mas; allowing the history to be kept alive.

Which character is known as a traditional folk character?

The stilt dancer known throughout the Caribbean, is a traditional folk character that was originally brought from West Africa. The word “Moko” is derived from the name of a West African God and “jumbie” or “ghost” was added by liberated slaves after Emancipation.

What traditional carnival character in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival still uses paper mache to create parts of the costume?

The mask, like most character masks was made out of some sort of papier-mâché. Now, most cow costumes consist of a cream-coloured loose shirt with tight pants that have gold accents. The full papier-mâché mask was also replaced by a hat or headband with cow horns.

What does the Jab Jab traditional Carnival character look like?

The costume consists of a “Kandal” or satin knickers, and satin shirt with points of cloth at the waist, from which bells hang. The costume can come in alternating colours and be divided into front and back panels. The Jab Jab has a thick whip of plaited hemp which he swings and cracks threateningly.

Who are the traditional carnival characters?

Vincent and Grenada have similar festivities but Trinidad and Tobago Carnival remains the greatest show on earth.

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What is a Blue devil in carnival?

One of the most iconic characters portrayed in Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, the Blue Devil, or Jab Molassie is one of the oldest forms of ‘Devil Mas’ , and is a figure with its roots firmly set in the history of the island, dating back to the enslavement of black Africans toiling on the sugar estates.

What is Grenadian Jab Jab?

In Grenada, to play a Jab is to embrace one’s heritage. Jab mas has become a symbol of Grenadian culture and freedom. Jab Jab is more than a carnival character he has become associated with strength, virility, and manhood and is the main character in many of the local songs, for example ‘Tombstone” by Mandella Linkz.

What is the folklore of Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad’s Folklore and Legends Our folklore is predominantly of African origin, flavoured with French and to a lesser degree, Spanish and English influences. “Papa Bois” is the most widely known of all our folklore characters.

What is carnival like in Trinidadobago?

Trinidad & Tobago plays host to the “Great Show on Earth” known as carnival. Carnival has always been about social expression and the voice of society which is displayed on the streets of the country in an highly-spirited celebration of energy.

What is the Midnight Robber in Trinidad Carnival?

One of, if not, the most popular characters of the Trinidad Carnival is the Midnight Robber. This braggadocious character is mostly known for using his “robber voice” for vivid storytelling, which is said to mimic a griot or West-African storyteller.

What is the name of the Devil in Carnival?

Jab Molassie: This is one of the oldest carnival characters. Similar to Jab Jab, his name means “Molasses Devil” because the original character would be covered in molasses. Molasses were a cheap and easily available product to make a costume for freed slaves from sugar plantations.

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