What is the length of polarimeter tube?

What is the length of polarimeter tube?

In a polarimeter (figure 2), plane-polarized light is introduced to a tube (typically 10 cm in length, figure 3) containing a solution with the substance to be measured.

What is the length of sample holder of polarimeter?


Tube length 100 mm
Sample volume approx. 12 cm3
Contact material Stainless steel, float glass
Protection class IP65

How is polarimetry calculated?

For the example, if a sample prepared from 1.5 g of optical material dissolved in water to a final volume of 10 mL and measured in a 5.0 cm cell was determined to have an optical rotation of +3.5 degrees, then the concentration would be 1.5 g / 10 mL = 0.15 g/mL, and [a] = 3.5 / (0.15 * 5.0) = 4.7.

How do you calibrate a polarimeter?

5.2. 20 Rinse the tube with 10% solution and fill the solution in Polarimeter tube….5.2 Calibration

  1. Switch ‘On’ the mains.
  2. Wait till sodium lamp glows with the full intensity of yellow light.
  3. Rinse the Polarimeter tube with distilled water.
  4. Adjust the vernier scale and main dial scale to zero.

How do you report optical rotation?

The rotation is reported using degrees, and no units of concentration are given (it is assumed to be g/100mL). The sign of the rotation (+ or āˆ’) is always given. If the wavelength of the light used is 589 nanometer (the sodium D line), the symbol ā€œDā€ is used.

How do you clean a polarimeter tube?

5.0 PROCEDURE 5.2 Switch off the mains. 5.3 Remove the solution /sample from the polarimeter tube. 5.4 Clean it with a respective solvent in which solution of the sample is prepared. 5.6 Clean it thoroughly with water.

How do you standardize a polarimeter?

What size tubes can I use with my optical activity polarimeters?

All Optical Activity polarimeters can be used with tubes as long as 200mm, or as short as 5mm, with various tube bores (we offer from 8mm down to 1.5mm as standard), single sample or flow tubes, which may be temperature controlled or not, as required.

What is the actual polarimeter used in the lab?

Actual polarimeter used in the lab (Autopol IV) located in YH 6104 Polarimetry cell (5 cm stainless steel cell shown here) Practical Aspects The cell has to be handled carefully since it costs more than $1000 to manufacture.

What makes a polarimeter more versatile?

If your polarimeter will accept a wide variety of types and sizes of tubes, it makes the instrument more versatile.

What is the path length of the cell used for polarimetry?

The cell used for the measurement has a pathlength of 10.0 cm. Actual polarimeter used in the lab (Autopol IV) located in YH 6104 Polarimetry cell (5 cm stainless steel cell shown here)

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