What is the longest rainstorm in the world?

What is the longest rainstorm in the world?

Cherrapunji, India, now holds the world record for two-day (48-hour) rainfall, with 2 493 millimeters (98.15 inches) recorded on 15–16 June 1995.

How many inches of rain has Charlotte NC had this year?


Days Year Inches
137 2020 58.8
116 2019 54.1
136 2018 59.2
113 2017 44.7

Did it rain 2 million years?

The Earth’s Climate At The End Of The Permian Era The Triassic Period started around 234 million years ago, marking the beginning of the long-lasting rainfall. This incident is now known as The Carnian Pluvial Event (Carnian was the period when these rains took place, and Pluvial means rain).

What is the heaviest it has ever rained?

The storm then drifted out to sea, and made another landfall near Beaumont, Texas, dumping catastrophic rains of more than 25 inches in 24 hours. A total rainfall amount in excess of 60” was recorded at two locations near Port Arthur, Texas—the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the U.S. from a tropical cyclone.

How much rain has Raleigh had this year?


Days Year Inches
133 2020 55.2
126 2019 43.0
137 2018 60.3
117 2017 45.6

What is the rainiest month in Charlotte NC?

The driest month in Charlotte is April with 2.95 inches of precipitation, and with 4.39 inches March is the wettest month.

Did Weather Underground get bought?

Weather Underground is owned by The Weather Company, a subsidiary of IBM….Weather Underground (weather service)

Type Subsidiary
Parent The Weather Company (IBM)
Website www.wunderground.com

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