What is the main idea of the story eleven?

What is the main idea of the story eleven?

The theme of “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros is that growing up is difficult. This theme is demonstrated in the story by Rachel’s reaction to her teacher and her peers on her eleventh birthday. Rachel gets mad at Sylvia for lying about the sweater being Rachel’s but she is unable to adequately defend herself.

What’s the theme of the story eleven?

The theme of the short story “Eleven” is that no matter how old you get, there are still moments in your life where you feel like a child. Even though you continue to age, you bring along the past with you. The past experiences of the younger you is still a part of your personality even as you get older.

How does Sandra Cisneros characterize Rachel?

her protagonist Rachel as a shy, somewhat insecure young girl who possesses underlying insight uncommon for one so young. Cisneros uses vivid similes and repetition to convey the complexity of Rachel’s character. vivid similes to demonstrate Rachel’s childlike but also insightful perspective on growing older.

Who does the red sweater belong to in eleven?


What is the climax in the story eleven?

The Climax occurred when Rachel finally snapped and all of her emotions came rolling out. Price put the sweater on my desk, finally lets go, and all of a sudden I’m crying in front of everybody.” When she cried, Rachel released her emotions and then her problem of holding back was resolved.

What lesson about age do we learn from reading eleven?

As you read through this story, you learn a few key lessons: As you grow older, you gain wisdom, yet you’ll never be quite old enough to have all the wisdom you need. Sometimes others will not listen to you, no matter how much you try to explain.

What does Rachel want to do with the sweater?

she wants to know whose it is. She isn’t able to explain that the sweater isn’t hers. Why does Rachel start to cry? She wants to throw it away.

How does Rachel feel about growing up?

Although her diction reflects her age, Rachel conveys the difficulty of growing up with adult precision. She is embarrassed and feels helpless, but knows she will soon be home with her parents, and her terrible day will drift away. However, Rachel’s diction does not simply betray her age.

How does Rachel feel in the story eleven?

Rachel is insecure and seeks solace like a young child. She acknowledges that she sometimes feels scared and wants to sit in her mother’s lap like a 5-year-old or cries like a 3-year-old.

Why does Rachel put the sweater on even though it isn’t hers?

Rachel wishes she was home, because it is her birthday. The sweater doesn’t belong to her, but she has to wear it because her teacher makes her.

What does Rachel learn in eleven?

She has learned that we all carry with us the years that come before, sometimes reverting to the child within us. This is demonstrated in the last paragraph when Rachel says “I’m eleven today. I’m eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one, but I wish I was one hundred and two.”

Why does Rachel say the cake will be too late?

Why does Rachel say the cake will be ‘too late”? It explains Raquel’s day has already been ruined because of the events in the classroom. She is unhappy about the situation with the red sweater.

What is the main conflict in eleven?

In this short story, that means we learn who will win in the battle of wills between Rachel and Mrs. Price. And it does not turn out well for poor Rachel. After being forced to put on the sweater, Rachel is overcome with how ugly and smelly it is and how unfair it is that everyone believes the sweater belongs to her.

How does Rachel feel at the end of the story eleven?

How does Rachel feel at the end of the story? Happy that it is her birthday. Happy that the sweater wasn’t hers. Upset that she still doesn’t feel eleven.

What is the plot of the story eleven?

‘Eleven’ is a popular short story in which the narrator’s eleventh birthday is ruined when her teacher forces her to take responsibility for an ugly sweater that isn’t hers. Unable to cope with the injustice, she bursts into tears in front of her classmates, and wishes she were older.

Why does Rachel cry?

Rachel pushes it to the corner of her desk because it’s disgusting and not hers. At the end of class, the teacher tells her to put it on. Rachel puts it on – and it upsets her, yet she can’t speak up for herself. And all at once, her three-year-old emotions come out – and she starts to cry in front of the class.

Who is the antagonist in the story eleven?

The antagonist is the character in conflict with the protagonist, and in “Eleven,” that character is totally Mrs. Price. This teacher wants to get rid of the red sweater, and because she is in a position of authority, she won’t listen to anything Rachel has to say.

Which emotion theory states that the body must experience arousal before emotion can occur?

The Schachter-Singer Theory, also known as the Two-Factor Theory, is a cognitive theory of emotion. It states that physiological arousal occurs, and then one must appraise the reason for that arousal and assign an emotion to it.

Which brain sites are included in the Papez circuit of emotion?

James Papez worked on the anatomical substrates of emotion and described a circuit, mainly composed of the hippocampus, thalamus and cingulum, and published his observations in 1937.

Which emotions are emphasized?

Answer: The types of Emotions that are emphasized through the author’s use of the first person point of view would be Happiness, sadness, pretty much any emotion.

What is the function of cingulate gyrus?

An important part of the limbic system, the cingulate gyrus helps regulate emotions and pain. It is also involved in predicting and avoiding negative consequences. An important part of the limbic system, the cingulate gyrus helps regulate emotions and pain.

Does Mrs Price treat Rachel unfairly?

Answer: Yes, Mrs. Price did treat Rachel unfairly because even after knowing she made a mistake she did not apologise to Rachel.

Why does Rachel wish she were anything but eleven?

She feels like if she were a different age, she would be able to give better answers and do things better. Why does Rachel wish she were anything but eleven? Sometimes she feels like crying and doing things that a younger kid would do.

What is correct form of Papez circuit?

The Papez circuit is a fundamental component of the limbic system. It is a closed neural circuitry that starts and ends in the hippocampus. It is also known as the medial limbic circuit.

What is the function of Papez circuit?

A major loop circuit of the limbic system was originally discovered in the cat brain by Dr. James Papez in 1937. Together with other limbic-associated structures, the Papez circuit functions primarily in the cortical control of emotion and memory storage and contains centers that regulate aversion and gratification.

What are the consequences of Rachel’s being unable to speak up to Mrs Price?

Rachel’s inability to speak up to Mrs. Price leads to an emotional outburst. She is embarrassed and tongue-tied when Mrs. Prices assumes that the ugly red sweater lying in the cloakroom for months is hers.

In what ways do past years stay with a person through time?

Past years stay with a person through time because even when the person clocks a new age, the attitude and behaviors of younger ages might not be given up immediately.

What does the red sweater symbolize in eleven?

For example, the sweater could be seen to symbolize the power other people have over Rachel. Price sets the sweater on Rachel’s desk, and even though Rachel doesn’t want it there, she cannot remove it. She slides it to the corner of her desk and even scoots her chair, but she cannot escape it. Then, when Mrs.

What emotions are emphasized through the author’s use of first person point of view?

Answer: The emotions that has been emphasized by the author using ‘first person narrative’ are astonishment, bewilderment, and relief.

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