What is the major quotes of Linda Loman?

What is the major quotes of Linda Loman?


  • Linda Loman : I am not saying he’s a great man. Willy Loman never earned a lot of money.
  • Biff Loman : Mom, I didn’t know…
  • Linda Loman : Wait of minute! A lot of people think he’s lost his-balance.
  • Harold ‘Happy’ Loman : Sure.
  • Linda Loman : A small man can be just as exhausted as a great man.

What is the last line in Death of a Salesman?

We’re free
After Biff comes toward her, Linda’s last words take on an additional implication, that Linda and her sons are now free from Willy. The words “We’re free” are the last words spoken in the play.

What is the first line of Death of a Salesman?

In the beginning, when he was young, I thought, well, a young man, it’s good for him to tramp around, take a lot of different jobs. But it’s more than ten years now and he has yet to make thirty-five dollars a week!

What does nature represent in Death of a Salesman?

In the play “The Death of a Salesman” the author Arthur Miller uses nature imagery to depict the downfall of the Loman family. He does this through showing the lack of growth, the lack of reliability, and the risks that the Lomans take. The Loman family is having a difficult time adapting to the real world.

What is Willy’s tragic flaw in Death of a Salesman?

Willy’s Tragic Flaw In classical tragedy, the main character frequently suffers from the tragic flaw of hubris, or excessive pride. But the tragic hero of Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman, doesn’t necessarily suffer from pride. Instead, he suffers from a false vision of what helps a man achieve the American dream.

What is the Loman line in Death of a Salesman?

When I was down in Florida last time, I thought of a great idea to sell sporting goods. It just came back to me. You and, Biff—we have a line, the Loman Line. We train a couple of weeks, and put on a couple of exhibitions, see?

Why is Linda’s last speech ironic?

Linda does not understand that for a man like Willy, a salary is more than just paying bills. The money that Willy brings in shows how successful he is which feeds his confidence and ego. The irony is in the end of the speech when she says “we’re free”. The last payment is made so they are out of financial debt.

What is the most important scene in Death of a Salesman Why?

The scene in Willy’s Boston hotel room is important because it explains a great deal about Biff’s unfocused life, his continuing hostility toward his father, and Willy’s repressed guilt.

Why is it called Death of a Salesman?

The title also refers to the death of Willy’s salesman dream—the dream to be financially successful and a father to hotshot sons. By the end of the play, Willy is flat broke and without a job. In the end, Willy’s salesman dream is dead, dead, dead.

What is the summary of the death of a salesman?

Death of a Salesman is a play about Willy Lowman, an increasingly delusional, ageing man who finds himself dealing with the crushing realisation that the American Dream is dead as he succumbs to the weight of his own unattainable expectations.

What is the American Dream in death of a salesman?

To the protagonist of Death of a Salesman, the American Dream is the ability to become prosperous by mere charisma. Willy believes that personality, not hard work and innovation, is the key to success. Time and again, he wants to make sure his boys are well-liked and popular.

Why does Biff steal in death of a salesman?

Biff takes the pen because it is something he will never have. The pen itself is a metaphor for the American dream- a dream that was attained by his father but never fully fulfilled, meaning that people are never really satisfied with what they have, they always want more.

Why is Willy Loman a tragic hero in death of a salesman?

Willy Loman, the protagonist in the tragic Arthur Miller play, Death of a Salesman, can be exemplified as a tragic hero due to the perimeters set by the notable Aristotle. According to him, a tragic hero can be defined as someone who is of noble stature, isn’t perfect, and their downfall is partially his/her own fault.

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