What is the majority race in the Bay Area?

What is the majority race in the Bay Area?

White 3,941,687 58.1%
Black or African American 511,084 7.5%
American Indian and Alaska Native 43,529 0.6%
Asian 1,289,849 19.0%

How many Chinese are in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Today, San Francisco’s Asian population is estimated at 247,000, more than 30 percent of the total population. The highest number of Chinese is located in the Sunset District and many of the restaurants and markets along Noriega Street reflect this.

Where do most Asian Americans live in California?

Asian Americans in California are concentrated in the San Francisco and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.

Where is the highest Asian population in the US?

About one-half of the Asian American population lived in the West, with California having the most total Asian Americans of any state, at 4.2 million.

Where do Hispanics live in the Bay Area?

Hispanics make up at least 20% of the San Francisco Bay Area. Many live in San Mateo, Alameda and Santa Clara counties, as well in San Francisco.

How many black people are in Bay Area?

480,000 African Americans
There were 480,000 African Americans living in the Bay Area’s nine counties, accounting for 6.7 percent of the area residents.

Where do most Chinese live in China?

The majority of China’s people live in the eastern segment of the country, the traditional China proper. Most are peasants living, as did their forebears, in the low-lying hills and central plains that stretch from the highlands eastward and southward to the sea.

What city in California has most Asians?

Cities with the highest percentage of Asian-Americans

City Total Population (2010) Asian-American, alone
Percentage of total population
Torrance, CA 145,438 34.5
San Francisco, CA 805,235 33.3
San Jose, CA 945,942 32.0

Which city in California has more Asians?

Detailed List Of The Most Asian Cities In California

Rank City % Asian
1 Cupertino 67.35%
2 Milpitas 66.66%
3 Monterey Park 65.27%
4 Walnut 62.55%

What U.S. city has the most Asians?

This statistics shows the leading metropolitan areas in the United States in 2019 with the highest percentage of Asian population. Among the 78 largest metropolitan areas, Urban Honolulu,Hawaii was ranked first with 61.4 percent of residents reporting as Asian in 2019.

What state has the largest Asian population?

California had the largest Asian population of any U.S. state (6.1 million) and Hawaii, where more than half the population is Asian American, was the country’s only majority-Asian state.

What state has the most Asian Americans?

Another state with a significant Asian American population is Massachusetts. Hawaii had the largest proportion of Asian Americans, with 57% of the state population identifying as Asian or multiracial with at least one part Asian.

What percentage of America is Asian?

During the 2010 United States Census, there were a total of 17,320,856 Asian Americans, including Multiracial Americans identifying as part Asian. This made Asian Americans 5.6 percent of the total American population.

What is the population of the San Francisco Bay Area?

San Francisco is also hub of the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland metropolitan area, which has a population of 8.7 million. San Francisco is the 13th most populous city in the country with a density of 6,266 people per square mile. It’s the second most densely populated city in the country after New York City.

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