What is the meaning of community health problem?

What is the meaning of community health problem?

Community Health Problem ■ These are existing conditions that are considered to be the factors or causes that jeopardizes the health of the people living in a community. ■ It is categorized into: – Health Status Problems – Health Resources Problems – Health Related Problem.

What is the most common health problem?

1. Heart Disease – 655,381 deaths per year. Heart disease encompasses many heart conditions, including heart valve disease, heart infection, disease of the heart muscle, congenital heart defects, heart rhythm issues, coronary artery disease, and more.

What are 3 public health issues that affect your community?

You’re hearing news of increased public health concerns nearly every day….Keep an eye on their development and learn what you can do to make your community a healthier place.

  • Antibiotic-resistant microbes.
  • Air pollution.
  • Opioid epidemic.
  • Obesity.
  • Alcohol and tobacco use.
  • Influenza pandemic.
  • Motor vehicle accidents.

What are the community health problems in the Philippines?

Many Filipinos face diseases such as Tuberculosis, Dengue, Malaria and HIV/AIDS. These diseases pair with protein-energy malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies that are becoming increasingly common. The population is affected by a high prevalence of obesity along with heart disease.

What is an example of community health?

Community health focuses on an overall geographic area rather than on shared characteristics such as age or diagnosis. For example, they would promote the use of shared outdoor spaces to encourage physical activity and community-building.

What is Community Health and some examples?

Typical services include: Preventive and primary care services (including medical and dental checkups and condition management) Disease prevention (vaccinations, anti-smoking programs, and obesity screenings) Patient education (nutritional counseling, injury prevention, and disease information)

What is the main cause of health problems?

Health problems can be caused by a person’s genetic make-up, lifestyle behaviours (e.g. smoking), exposure to toxic substances (e.g. asbestos) or other reasons. With multiple health problems, one illness or its treatment might lead to another.

What are the top 10 health issues in the Philippines?


  • Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis. 621,818. 775.40. 487,302. 577.8.
  • Hypertension. 352,697. 439.70. 398,538. 472.6.
  • Influenza. 408,326. 509.30. 349,609. 414.6.
  • TB Respiratory. 111,320. 138.90. 114,714. 136.0.
  • Diseases of the Heart. 40,421. 50.30. 31,331. 37.2.
  • Dengue Fever. 16,490. 20.50. 23,773. 28.2.
  • Malaria. 29,362. 36.30. 23,207. 27.5.
  • Chickenpox.

How does community health affect personal health?

Personal health refers to the overall well-being of an individual whereas community health is the maintenance, protection and improvement of the whole community in which an individual lives. Therefore, the health of the community becomes an important factor for maintaining individual’s health.

What are the major community health problems?

– Alcohol-related harms – Food safety – Healthcare-associated infections – Heart disease and stroke – HIV – Motor vehicle injury – Nutrition, physical activity and obesity – Prescription drug overdose – Teen pregnancy – Tobacco use

What are the most common health problems in the community?

Community health problems include HIV/AIDS, tobacco abuse, othersubstance abuse, injury and violence, overweight and obesity andmental ill health. Tobacco abuse is said to be the greatest causeof early deaths in the USA.

What are the examples of community health problem?

Example Community Problems: Adolescent pregnancy, access to clean drinking water, child abuse and neglect, crime, domestic violence, drug use, environmental contamination, ethnic conflict, health disparities, HIV/ AIDS, hunger, inadequate emergency services, inequality, jobs, lack of affordable housing, poverty, racism, transportation, violence.

What are your community health issues?

Major Community Health Problems 1. Pollution. Pollution as one of the pressing concerns of the country has been consistently poses a lot of threats to… 2. Improper Disposal of Human Excreta and Sewage. Improper disposal of human excreta and sewage has been responsible for… 3. Improper Refuse

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