What is the meaning of Down to the River to Pray?

What is the meaning of Down to the River to Pray?

The song also is known by alternate titles such as “Down in the Valley to Pray,” “Come, Let Us All Go Down” and “The Good Old Way.” Whatever the title might truly be, the deeply spiritual song is about keeping the faith in a time of darkness.

Who sings Down by the River to Pray?

Alison Krauss & Union StationDown to the River to Pray / ArtistUnion Station is an American bluegrass and country band associated with singer Alison Krauss. The act established in 1987 as a backup band for Krauss is usually referred to as Alison Krauss and Union Station and was initially composed of Krauss, Jeff White, Mike Harman and John Pennell. Wikipedia

Who wrote down by the river?

Neil YoungDown by the River / ComposerNeil Percival Young OC OM is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter, philanthropist, musician, humanitarian and activist. After embarking on a music career in Winnipeg in the 1960s, Young moved to Los Angeles, joining Buffalo Springfield with Stephen Stills, Richie Furay and others. Wikipedia

What movie is Down to the River to Pray?

O Brother, Where Art Thou?Down To The River To Pray / Movie
“Down to the River to Pray:” The Perfect Song for the Movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? If you have watched the classic movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? then you must have loved their official soundtrack. In fact, their OST is probably one of the best collection of music in a movie.

What does it mean to go down river?

: in the same direction as the river is flowing Large boats came down the river.

Who all sang Amazing Grace?

PentatonixAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) / Artist

What does being sent up the river mean?

in prison
To or in prison, as in They sent him up the river for five years. This phrase originally referred to Sing-Sing Prison, on the Hudson River about 30 miles north of New York City. So used from about 1890 on, it was broadened to apply to any prison by the early 1900s.

What is up river and down river?

upriver – toward the source or against the current. upstream. downriver, downstream – away from the source or with the current.

What does down to the river to pray mean?

Songwriter(s) Traditional. “Down in the River to Pray” (also known as “Down to the River to Pray,” “Down in the Valley to Pray,” “The Good Old Way,” and “Come, Let Us All Go Down”) is a traditional American song variously described as a Christian folk hymn, an African-American spiritual, an Appalachian song, and a gospel song.

Who sings the song going down to the river?

“Going Down to the River” is a song written, composed and performed by American country music singer, songwriter and guitarist Doug Seegers. Seegers, a struggling street artist in Nashville, Tennessee lived as a homeless musician.

Who sings down to the river Christian song?

The traditional Appalachian song “ Down in the River to Pray ” has been popularized since Indiana-born singer Alison Krauss sang it for the soundtrack of the Coen Brothers ‘ film, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” which was released in 2000. This novelty belies is deep roots in American history and the spirituality of oppressed and poor Christian people.

What is the meaning of the song down by the Riverside?

A Brief History of “Down by the Riverside”. “Down By the Riverside” is a spiritual that was sung by slaves in the South as a work song. It dates back to before the American Civil War but remained unpublished until 1918, when it was included in Plantation Melodies: A Collection of Modern, Popular and Old-time Negro-Songs of the Southland.

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