What is the meaning of Passa?

What is the meaning of Passa?

1. No longer current or in fashion; out-of-date. 2. Past the prime; faded or aged.

What is Passus in Latin?

nounplural noun passus ‘For Christians, the Passion-from the Latin passus, the word means ‘having suffered ‘or ‘having undergone ‘- is the very heart of their faith.

What declension is moenia?

Declension. Third-declension noun (neuter, “pure” i-stem), plural only. Case. Plural. Nominative.

What is a Latin dictionary entry?

Reading a Latin dictionary entry is easy once you know what to expect. A good Latin dictionary entry will give you all the information you need to understand and use a Latin word. Often the back of a Latin text book will include a vocabulary list or glossary whose entries will closely resemble Latin dictionary entries.

What does Passa mean in patois?

Here are a few jamaican slangs and their meaning!!! 1. Passa Passa —Is a party/dance or to describe a fuss or fight. 2. Lyrics—Words for a song or when a man is courting a woman.

What does Passa mean in Jamaica?

pasa pasa (Phrase) Meaning/Description: mix up.

How long is a Passus?

measurement systems Five Roman feet made the pace (passus), equivalent to 1.48 metres or 4.86 feet.

What are moenia in Latin?


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Translation Walls of a city
Noun Forms Moenia, Moenium

What declension is litus?

Third-declension noun (neuter, imparisyllabic non-i-stem).

What does pasa pasa mean in patois?

mix up
pasa pasa (Phrase) Meaning/Description: mix up.

What does the name Passa mean?

passa (present passar, preterite passade, supine passat, imperative passa) fit, suit; be suitable (of clothes) fit; be of the right size and cut; pass (move the ball or puck to a teammate) (in extension) give, hand over; look after (pets or children) Conjugation

What does Passa mean?

Passa Passa is a location in which rival ghetto communities can gather, in a secure environment, socialize and party. It has in addition brought the Uptown dancehall proponents from the clubs, to a Downtown outdoor occasion. The audio system Swatch Overseas looks after the activity.

What does pasa mean in Spanish?

“Pasas” is the plural word for raisins in Spanish, and it’s singular form is “pasa”. Raisins for food, and to pass something as a verb. It is mainly used to name dried raisins, and also prunes (in this case you will always say “ciruelas pasas”).

What does ‘Pasas’ mean in English?

Written correctly “Pazas”, it means raisins. “Pasas” alone is a verb which would have different meanings depending on context and other words added to it. “te pasas” for example would mean that you are exaggerating or have overstepped a limit. “Que te pasa” would mean “what is happening with you..”.

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