What is the meaning of the phrase a drop in the ocean?

What is the meaning of the phrase a drop in the ocean?

Definition of a drop in the ocean British, informal. : an amount that is so small that it does not make an important difference or have much effect They need to raise thousands of pounds for this project, so our 20-pound donation is just a drop in the ocean.

How do you use a drop in the ocean in a sentence?

Example sentences

  1. — We just had a brief shower but it was a drop in the ocean of the rain needed to put out the wildfires.
  2. — Donations are a drop in the ocean of our operating budget.
  3. — Although I’m pleased I lost five lbs, it’s a drop in the ocean of the weight I have to lose before my wedding next year.

Are we a drop in the ocean?

The poet Rumi reminds us, “You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.” For any of us to make peace with and respect the individuality of the others is not possible if we do not accept and make peace with own individuality … and our individual struggles and triumphs.

Who sings a drop in the ocean?

Ron Pope
A Drop in the Ocean/Artists

What is the meaning of the idiom bite your tongue?

Refrain from speaking out, as in A new grandmother must learn to bite her tongue so as not to give unwanted advice, or I’m sure it’ll rain during graduation. —Bite your tongue! This term alludes to holding the tongue between the teeth in an effort not to say something one might regret.

What is drop in the bucket?

A very small quantity, especially one that is too small. For example, These contributions are just a drop in the bucket; the new church wing will cost thousands more.

Where is the ocean drop off?

continental slope
Extending out from a continent’s edge is a gently sloping, shallow area called the continental shelf (F). At the edge of the shelf, the ocean floor drops off in a steep incline called the continental slope (A).

How long can a drop of water spend in the ocean?

A drop of water may spend over 3,000 years in the ocean before evaporating into the air, while a drop of water spends an average of just nine days in the atmosphere before falling back to Earth. Water spends thousands to hundreds of thousands of years in the large ice sheets that cover Antarctica and Greenland .

What is the meaning of a drop in the ocean?

The idiom “a drop in the ocean” means that what is being offered or what is being given is so tiny in comparison to what is needed that it lacks significance. The phrase can also mean that what is being described is very small or insignificant in comparison to the whole.

What are the lyrics to drop in the ocean?

A Drop In The Ocean lyrics. A drop in the ocean A change in the weather I was praying that you and me might end up together It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert But I’m holding you closer than most, Cause you are my heaven. I don’t wanna waste the weekend If you don’t love me, pretend a few more hours,…

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