What is the meaning or else?

What is the meaning or else?

Definition of or else 1 —used to say what will happen if something is not done You have to leave or else you will be arrested for trespassing. 2 —used to say what another possibility is He either thinks he can’t do it or else he just isn’t interested.

What else means in chat?

Else with someone, anybody, nobody, etc. We use else after words beginning with any-, every-, no- and some-, to mean ‘other’, ‘another’, ‘different’ or ‘additional’. … Else with who, what, where, etc. We use else after how, what, where, who and why to mean ‘other’, ‘another’, ‘different’ or ‘additional’: …

What else than meaning?

: with the exception of : except for, besides other than that, nothing happened. other than.

What do you mean something else?

something ˈelse 1 a different thing; another thing: He said something else that I thought was interesting. 2 (informal) a person, a thing or an event that is much better than others of a similar type: I’ve seen some fine players, but she’s something else.

What’s another word for Else?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for else, like: different, extra, otherwise, also, instead, besides, other, additional, more and in-addition.

Is saying or else a threat?

“or else” is only used as a threat when it is at the end of a sentence with implied threat. “you will comply with my instructions. or else.” it is not at all threatening when used as a choice. “we could go to the italian restaurant next door, or else you may like the thai place down the road.”

How do you use else?

Else with someone, anybody, nobody, etc. We use else after words beginning with any-, every-, no- and some-, to mean ‘other’, ‘another’, ‘different’ or ‘additional’. A: Will there be anything else, sir? (Do you want any additional thing(s)?)

How do we use else?

You use else after words such as ‘ anywhere’, ‘someone’, and ‘what’, to refer in a vague way to another person, place, or thing. If I can’t make a living at painting, at least I can teach someone else to paint. We had nothing else to do on those long trips.

Which is correct other than or other then?

When used as a preposition, other than is used to refer to an exception to anything else. When used as a conjunction, it is used like the word but. Other then is not a word since then cannot be collocated with other. So other then should never be used.

How do you use something else?

Being tempted was one thing, giving in to temptation was something else . He had made his choice – suggesting something else would be rude. All right, let’s talk about something else . She needed something else to do – something creative.

What is another word for Else?

What does else mean?

Else as a name for girls has its root in Hebrew, and the name Else means “God is my oath”. Else is an alternate spelling of Elizabeth (Hebrew). Else is also a derivative of Elsa (Hebrew). Else is also used as a derivative of Ilse (German, Hebrew). Else Sabrina (E.S.), .. How popular is Else?

What does someone else mean?

“someone else” means “as somebody different from ourselves; resembling someone or something else.”. “someone” is a pronoun that means “an unknown or unspecified person”. “else” is an adverb that means “different, instead”.

What does anyone else mean?

Definition of anyone else : any other person She arrived 10 minutes before anyone else. Learn More About anyone else

What does or else mean?

or else. phrase. You say ‘or else’ after a command to warn someone that if they do not obey, you will be angry and may harm or punish them.

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