What is the most durable exterior siding?

What is the most durable exterior siding?

In terms of price, maintenance, and strength, vinyl siding is the most durable siding material to choose from. It’s also available in many different colors and styles such as dutch lap, shake, scalloped and more.

What is the cheapest option for siding?

Vinyl siding
Vinyl siding is also one of the cheapest siding options on the market, both in material and installation costs. Vinyl siding can be installed quickly and can even be installed directly over existing material. The average price of vinyl siding is $2 to $7 per square foot, installed.

What is a good waterproof siding?

Vinyl Siding The quintessential choice for almost all budgets, it’s the most popular siding in North America. Vinyl siding is made of polyvinyl chloride, is essentially waterproof, and easily sheds rain.

What is the least expensive wood siding?

Plywood is the most affordable wood siding. $3.50 to $7.20 per square foot installed. The most common type of wood siding is Cedar lap siding and ranges from $5 to $10 per square foot installed. Cedar shingles are the most expensive type of wood siding.

What type of siding is most energy efficient?


  • Vinyl siding is thermally resistant, making it highly energy-efficient, especially when paired with foamed siding.
  • It’s cost-effective, as the material is less expensive and can be easily retrofitted.
  • Vinyl is available in many styles and colors.

Which siding deteriorates from moisture damage?

Vinyl Siding It is quite easy and also very cheap to maintain considering that it is the best siding to avoid moisture damage. However, vinyl siding has the tendency of trapping moisture at some point. This is why you might face problems with moisture damage after a few years of performance.

What is better Hardie board or vinyl siding?

To start, vinyl can become more brittle with age and exposure to the elements. It can be damaged by wind debris, hail or any number of other external forces and may crack, buckle and warp with changing temperatures. By contrast, HardieĀ® fiber cement siding is more durable and up to 5x thicker than vinyl siding.

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