What is the most popular comic book right now?

What is the most popular comic book right now?

Top Current Comic Book Series

  1. Catwoman: Lonely City (2021) 9.5. 28 Reviews.
  2. Robin & Batman (2021) 9.2. 42 Reviews.
  3. Night of the Ghoul. 9.2. 30 Reviews.
  4. The Nice House on the Lake. 9.2. 17 Reviews.
  5. The Me You Love in the Dark. 9.2. 17 Reviews.
  6. Dark Knights of Steel (2021) 9.0. 61 Reviews.
  7. Human Target (2021) 8.8.
  8. Swamp Thing (2021) 8.8.

What is the most sold comic series of all time?

X-Men #1
According to the most recently available data, the best-selling American single-issue comic of all time was X-Men #1, which was published in 1991 and has since sold almost 8.2 million copies. Marvel X-Force #1, which also came out in 1991, ranks in second place with around five million copies sold.

What are the best comics of the past 10 years?

Saga, Mister Miracle, Uncanny X-Force and many more. As another decade dawns for the comic book industry, it only makes sense to look back on the best comics of the past ten years. The 2010’s were certainly a time of major upheaval, from DC’s New 52 reboot to Archie Comics drastically reinventing itself to the rise of digital comics.

What is the Best Comic Book of the 2010s?

The Best Comics of the Decade (2010 – 2019) 1 Afterlife With Archie. 2 All-New Doop. 3 All-New Wolverine. 4 American Gods. 5 Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. 6 Animal Man (Lemire) 7 Bandette. 8 Batgirl (Stewart/Fletcher/Tarr) 9 Batman ā€˜66. 10 Batman (Snyder/Capullo)

What are the best Batman comics to read?

Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman, which kicked off the New 52 relaunch of the Dark Knight, is already considered a classic and must-read run. From introducing the Court of Owls to the most grisly and fearsome take on The Joker yet, this book forever changed Batman–for the better.

Why are there so many comic books?

There were lots of comic books published this past decade ā€” even when you leave out all the manga and webcomics. During a time when comics provided the source material for countless big-budget movies and TV shows, the genreā€™s creators still managed to produce a dazzling array of beautiful, terrifying, and refreshing new work.

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