What is the most popular siding color for 2021?

What is the most popular siding color for 2021?

Top Siding Colors For 2021

  • White Siding. Standing the test of time white is a color that seems to never go out of style.
  • Gray Siding. A New Englander favorite, gray has become a timeless color that homeowners love.
  • Blue Siding. Blue has become a standout color!
  • Green Siding.

Where is Gentek siding manufactured?

Gentek has 5 State- of the- Art manufacturing facilities to service the Canadian market: Burlington, ON – Vinyl siding products. Pointe-Claire, QC – Aluminum siding products. Woodbridge, NJ – Aluminum and Steel siding products.

Who makes Gentek windows?

Associated Materials, LLC
We are a division of Associated Materials, LLC, the parent company of several North American exterior building products manufacturers including, Alside, Inc.

What is maibec siding?

Maibec siding is made of white cedar shingle that is treated for endurance. This excellent siding product comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes of planks. The wood used for Maibec siding is of such high quality that the company offers a guarantee it will last at least 50 years if properly installed.

What are the colors of Gentek siding?

Gentek Siding Colors: Sandstone, Linen, Snow White, Antique Ivory, Maize, Almond, Wicker, Pebble, Dover Gray, Canyon Clay, Pearl, Sandalwood, Sage and Juniper Grove. Description: Concord is one of their entry level selections with a texture that is mild roughsawn and combines style and solidly crafted construction.

Why Gentek exterior design?

Your Home, Your Style – Exactly As You Want ItNothing does more to impact a home’s exterior design than colour. From bold Majestic Brick to refreshing Coastal Blue, Gentek has everything you need to create a virtually maintenance-free exterior that’s a true reflection of you.

Why has my Gentek window or door color changed?

The color and sheen of your specific Gentek parts may vary. If your windows or doors are not new and have been exposed to the weather, then it is likely that the color has changed over time. MyPerfectColor will be sending a match of the original color which has not been exposed to sunlight and weather.

How much does it cost to install Gentek siding?

Gentek prices range anywhere from $2 to $4 for the siding itelf. Description: Their premium storm siding with a cedar grain texture that provides resistant to 250 mph winds. It uses their Advantage Lock™ system. It is available in a two profiles at 12′, 16’1″ and 24’8″ lengths.

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