What is the order of the Madden games?

What is the order of the Madden games?


  • Madden NFL 22. August 20, 2021. XONE. PS4.
  • Madden NFL 21. August 28, 2020. PC. XONE.
  • Madden NFL 20. July 30, 2019. PC. XONE.
  • Madden NFL 19. August 7, 2018. MAC. PC.
  • Madden NFL 18. August 25, 2017. XONE. PS4.
  • Madden NFL 17. August 23, 2016. + 2 more. XONE.
  • Madden NFL 16. August 25, 2015. PS3N. + 2 more.
  • Madden NFL 15. August 26, 2014. + 3 more.

Who started Madden?

founder Trip Hawkins
As of 2013 the franchise has generated over $4 billion in sales. Electronic Arts (EA) founder Trip Hawkins conceived the series and approached Madden in 1984 for his endorsement and expertise….

Madden NFL
Genre(s) American football video game

Who invented Madden?

Trip Hawkins

When did the Madden video game first come out?

The Madden series started in 1988 when it was called John Madden Football. The first game came out for MS-DOS, as well as Commodore machines and the Apple II. It wasn’t until 1991 when the series started put the year after the game’s name, starting with John Madden Football ’92.

What is the first Madden game ever?

The first Madden football game ever made was named John Madden Football, and it ran on the Apple II Computer in 1989. Finally, after more than ten years of absence, Madden football has found its way back to the Mac! Ever since the Madden series was introduced, it has been one of the most popular games in the sports game genre.

What year was the first Madden game created?

When was the first madden football game created. The 1st version of the game was released in 1989 for the Apple II, as John Madden Football. The Sega Genesis version followed in 1990.

Did John Madden make the Madden games?

Because of Madden’s insistence that the game be as realistic as possible, the first version of John Madden Football did not appear until 1988. EA has released annual versions since 1990, and the series’ name changed to Madden NFL in 1993 after EA acquired the rights to use NFL teams and players.

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