What is the passato prossimo of andare?

What is the passato prossimo of andare?

The passato prossimo is a compound tense….The “Andare” Conjugation: Indicativo, Passato prossimo (Present Perfect Tense)

io sono andato / andata I have gone
noi siamo andati / andate we have gone

What tense is Siano in Italian?


Che io sia I am
Che lui / lei sia He / She is
Che noi siamo We are
Che voi siate You are
Che essi siano They are

What is the present tense of dare in Italian?

Below is the present tense conjugation of the irregular Italian ARE verbs fare, dare & stare

Subject Pronoun Dare conjugated English
Tu Dai You give
Lui/Lei He/She gives
Noi Diamo We give

What is the past participle of Vivere?

Past Participles of Irregular Italian Verbs

vivere to live vissuto
3rd conjugation verbs
dire to say detto
morire to die morto

What is Italian Congiuntivo?

The Congiuntivo (subjunctive) is an Italian mood mainly used in subordinate clauses to express doubt, uncertainty or personal feelings. It consists of four tenses that depend on the verb in the main clause or on some conjunctions.

How do you use Italian Congiuntivo?

In Italian the Congiuntivo Presente (subjunctive tense) is a currently used form. Rather than stating facts, it expresses doubt, possibility, uncertainty, or personal feelings. It can also express emotion, desire, or suggestions.

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