What is the password for Ipcam?

What is the password for Ipcam?

The default login credentials (Username/Password) are admin/admin. To connect to the IP camera for the first time and make initial configuration settings, perform the following steps.

How do I log into Eagle Eye Bridge?

Bridge Static IP Address: To configure the Eagle Eye Bridge with a static IP address, you will need to connect a monitor and keyboard to the bridge. You can login to the Admin Interface with user “admin” and the password is the last 5 digits of the Bridge’s serial number.

What is Eagle Eye Bridge?

The Eagle Eye Bridge is a smart device that connects to your security cameras, records the video, and transmits it to the Eagle Eye Cloud securely. You access your video and manage your cameras from web browser or mobile device. The Eagle Eye Bridge is physically installed on your network and assigned an IP address.

What is q see default password?

Q-See: admin/admin or admin/123456.

What is LookCam default password?

If you are using the LookCam app, then the default password is 123456.

How do I connect my avtech DVR to the Internet?

Plug and Play

  1. Connect RJ45 cable to a router hooking up with Internet.
  2. Download the AVTECH mobile app EagleEyes – and install.
  3. Register an account for EagleEyes Cloud Services on EagleEyes.
  4. Scan the barcode (on the monitoring display or on the device itself, depending on the device you have).
  5. Enter the Captcha Code.

What is attach ID?

The Attach ID is a 16-digit number composed of upper case letters and numbers in groups of four (for example, 55A5-55A5-55A5-55A5). When adding an Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR to an Eagle Eye VMS Account, the Attach ID will be required. When you receive an Eagle Eye Bridge/CMVR, the Attach ID will be included with the unit.

How do I reset my eagle eye camera?

Make sure your Eagle Eye NuboCam is unplugged. Remove the bottom cap using the screwdriver. Press and hold the reset button (see illustration). Reapply the power while still holding the reset button, the lights flash blue-red shortly.

How do I factory reset Q-See?

Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds in order to reset the camera to its original factory settings. Q-See is always here to answer your questions and take your valued suggestions.

How do I download EagleEyes on my phone?

EagleEyesto your phone. It’s recommended to download EagleEyes for BlackBerry with the web browser of Opera.  For Android, three versions of EagleEyesare available: — EagleEyes Lite+ — EagleEyes Lite, and — EagleEyes Plus+ Select the version you want, and start downloading the application.

What is EagleEyes (Lite)?

AVTECH EagleEyes (Lite) is a free application for all valued customer of AVTECH Corporation only. EagleEyes (Lite) is very easy and convenient to use, a powerful feature with user-friendly interface design. Note: this version only support 20 devices.

What are the advantages of using EagleEyes plus?

It has several advantages:  It’s free (Except EagleEyes Plusfor iPhone, EagleEyesHD Plus for iPad, and EagleEyes Plus+ for Android.  It’s compatible with several popular mobile platforms, such as iOS devices and Android devices.  It’s easy to download, install and configure.

What is the Eagle Eye video API?

Eagle Eye Networks is changing the video surveillance industry with the Eagle Eye Video API platform, a secure, open platform that provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your evolving needs, instantly.

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