What is the proper spacing for fence posts?

What is the proper spacing for fence posts?

8 to 12 feet apart
Most fence posts can be spaced 8 to 12 feet apart. While this is a general criteria, it doesn’t cover all scenarios. For instance, high tensile fence can have larger spacing, requiring line posts every 15 to 20 feet for field fence styles, and as much as 20-30 feet for high tensile barbed and smooth wire.

How do I make sure fence posts are the same height?

Dig a hole at each corner of the area to be fenced by using a post-hole digger or shovel. Make each hole’s width three times the diameter of a fence post, and make each hole’s depth one-third of the post’s height. The bottom one-third of each post will be buried in the ground to provide support.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a fence post?

1 – 4 bags of concrete per fence post are typically what’s needed. This depends on the type of soil, fence design, height, post size and bag weight. In general the depth of the post’s hole needs to be 1/3 to 1/2 of the above ground height of the post.

How do you get post level on uneven ground?

The way to do that is to drill your holes (3 feet to 3–1/2 feet deep in most applications) and use longer posts. You then determine the height you want where the ground is highest and use a string line and a level to mark all of the posts to the same height. Then you cut post off to that height.

How deep should you dig fence post holes?

The minimum depth that you should dig your fence post holes is 60 cm (2 feet). The maximum depth that you should consider digging the post holes is 90 cm (3 feet) deep. The deeper you dig the holes, the more stability your fence has, but you must also purchase longer posts.

What is the spacing between fence posts?

Post spacing is the distance between fence posts, commonly measured from center to center. It is our recommendation not to place fence posts more than 8′ apart on center. To make the fence have a uniform appearance, heres a trick. Measure one run of the fence, from corner post to corner post.

What are fence line posts?

There are two main types of fence posts: terminal and line. Terminal posts are either corner posts, end posts or gate posts. They mark the beginning or end of a stretch of fence. Terminal posts are larger and stronger than line posts, since they have to handle more of the forces that act against the fence.

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