What is the Pune Municipal Corporation?

What is the Pune Municipal Corporation?

The Pune Municipal Corporation strives to consistently provide citizen centric information, services and platforms to enhance the city’s performance and quality of life. Our vision is to be a reflection of Pune’s rich, youthful, vivacious and mindful citizenry.

Why Spark group of industries?

We Spark Group of Industries chaired by our Mrs. Sunita Ashok Pataskar and CEO Mr Aviraj AshoK Pataskar have inspirational diversified our business activities in manufacturing of cryogenic pressure vessels where in the liquids are stored at pressurized condition at minus 196 degree centigrade.

How to contact PMC eGovernance Pune?

PMC eGovernance Right To Service Toll Free: 1800-1030-222 Covid-19 -AA+A Language मराठीEnglish Login Pune Municipal Corporation PMC Computer System Councillor Information portal Cycle Club Web portal

What is the role of Municipal Commissioner Pune for Punekars?

Municipal Commissioner Pune Municipal Corporation has always ensured an intelligent and empathetic governance for Punekars. To govern the modern city like Pune, it is imperative for the administration to have various channels and tools to reach out to its citizens.

What are the various departments in Pune City?

Encroachment Heritage Cell Pune Metro Road Water Supply & Pumping Emergency Services Disaster Management Cell Fire Brigade Ward Offices All Ward Offices Finance Chief Accounts and Finance Office Health Health PMC – Medical Education trust View All Departments Publications Women and Child Welfare Children’s Welfare laws

How do I reach Balaji Temple from Pune?

To reach Balaji temple from Pune, you can to take Pune-Solapur highway route and drive towards Hadapsar gadital. Do not take flyover, take the left road and reach Hadapsar Bus stand and from there travel a long way to Saswad village. Just at the end of Saswad village turn right.

Is Lord Venkateshwara Temple in Pune similar to Tirupati Balaji Temple?

Now the devotees of Lord Venkateshwara in Pune don’t need to travel all the way down south to get blessed by this powerful and miraculous deity as they can take the same pleasure of Tirupati temple in a short drive distance. The spectacular clone of the prominent Tirupati Balaji Temple is at Ketkawle village just 40 to 45 kms away from Pune.

How to contact PMC Pune?

PMC Main Building, Near. Mangla Theatre, Shivajinagar, Pune- 411 005 PMC Contact No: 020-25501000 PMC Security Contact No: 020-25501130 PMC Municipal Mayor Fax No : 020-25501012 PMC Fax No: 020-25501104 Email-id: info [at] punecorporation [dot] org

What are the precautionary measures of Pune Municipal Corporation in monsoon?

Pune Municipal Corporation Precautionary measure in Monsoon for Old structure, Labour Camp, Slum, Retaining wall etc. Download (236.87 KB) Thursday, May 21, 2020 Building Development List of Old/Dangerous Structure properties in Pune city Download (165.2 KB) Thursday, May 21, 2020 Building Development

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