What is the Queen administrator?

What is the Queen administrator?

Glaistig Uaine referred to Taylor as the “Queen Administrator”, and claimed her power was a “noble” among the faerie. It is the Warrior’s counterpart shard to the Thinker’s High Priest.

What is a shard in worm?

Shards, also known as faeries, passengers or agents, are fragments of incomprehensibly immense colony organisms known as entities that serve as the source of parahuman powers.

What does worm mean in fanfic?

Synopsis: A fanfic of Internship that diverges about halfway through that fic in a different direction.

What is Taylor’s power worm?

Abilities and Powers. Taylor possesses a form of telepathy that transmits and recieves information via.

Who is shard power?

Shard Bishop is a mutant fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics….Shard (comics)

Shard Bishop
Abilities Energy blasts, intangibility (holographic Shard only)

Who is the techno queen?

Sama’ Abdulhadi, sometimes know as the ‘Queen of Techno’, was jailed for eight days over the event. Her arrest by Palestinian police has been criticised by human rights groups. She spoke to the BBC.

Why is worm titled worm?

The name stems from the Old English word wyrm. Most animals called “worms” are invertebrates, but the term is also used for the amphibian caecilians and the slowworm Anguis, a legless burrowing lizard.

Is Taylor Hebert a villain?

Taylor thus begins her villainous career, doing several jobs with the Undersiders in order to identify their “boss” and turn him in, earning the name “Skitter” in the process. However, in so doing, Skitter becomes formally recognized as a villain and criminal.

Does Taylor betray the Undersiders?

After a job, Taylor learns that the Undersiders unwittingly assisted their boss, revealed to be a parahuman gang lord known as Coil, in the kidnapping of Dinah, a girl with powerful precognitive powers, and is wracked with guilt over her own part.

Who killed scion worm?

As he was impaled by two bolts affected by Foil’s power, he offered no resistance. Using Scion as a portal to his main body, Khepri aimed the collaborative tinker weapon into him, firing until Scion’s body was completely destroyed. Scion was dead.

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