What is the real name of Jovanotti?

What is the real name of Jovanotti?

A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Jovanotti, byname of Lorenzo Cherubini (born September 26, 1966) is an Italian singer-songwriter and rapper. He released his first albums under the Jovanotti byname to later switch into his real name (Lorenzo), as of the mid-nineties.

Is Jovanotti an American Idol?

Great concert jovanotti an american dream! Jovanotti, Italian superstar and heartthrob, burst onto the music scene in 1988, when his album Jovanotti for President came out and cemented him as a teen idol. His style has evolved from early mixes of hip hop and disco into more nuanced combinations of funk, ska and even classical music.

What kind of music does Jan Jovanotti play?

Jovanotti gradually departed from his early mix of hip hop, rap and disco, taking in funk, world music and even classical arrangements and ska influences.

What is the Order of Jovanotti’s discography?

Discography 1 1988: Jovanotti for President 2 1989: La mia moto 3 1990: Giovani Jovanotti 4 1991: Una trib├╣ che balla 5 1992: Lorenzo 1992 6 1994: Lorenzo 1994 7 1997: Lorenzo 1997 – L’albero 8 1999: Lorenzo 1999 – Capo Horn 9 2002: Lorenzo 2002 – Il quinto mondo 10 2005: Buon sangue

What was Jovanotti’s first song?

That same year Jovanotti released his first single, “Walking,” and started working as a DJ for one of the most prominent national radio stations, Radio DeeJay, which was founded by Cecchetto five years earlier.

Who is John Giovanotti and what is he famous for?

Jovanotti has a friendship with Bono due to their mutual quest for the cancellation of foreign debt in poor African countries. He also collaborated with Michael Franti of Spearhead on his Capo Horn and Ora albums. Both Michael Franti and U2 misspelled his name as Giovanotti in the liner note credits.

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