What is the record for most interceptions thrown in a season?

What is the record for most interceptions thrown in a season?

42 interceptions
George Blanda has the most intercepted passes in a season, with 42 interceptions in 1962.

Who has thrown the most interceptions in a game?

Jim Hardy
Jim Hardy has thrown the most intercepted passes by a quarterback in a game, with 8 interceptions versus the Eagles on September 24, 1950.

What QB has thrown the most interceptions in 2021?

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence has thrown the most interceptions by a quarterback this season, with 17 interceptions.

Who has thrown the most interceptions in one game?

Who has the most sack in college football?

Andre Carter II

Rank Name Tot Sack
Rank Name Tot Sack
1 Andre Carter II 15.5
2 Will Anderson Jr. 17.5
3 Aidan Hutchinson 14.0

What QB has the least interceptions?

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers has the fewest career interceptions per hundred attempts by a quarterback, with 1.3 per hundred.

Who threw the most interceptions in 2021?


Year Player Int
2021 Trevor Lawrence (21) 17
2021 Matthew Stafford (33) 17
2020 Drew Lock (23) 15
2020 Carson Wentz (27) 15

Who kicked the longest field goal?

Matt Prater’s 64-yarder comes up short in quest for NFL’s longest field goal. . @MattPrater_5 ‘s 64-yarder in 2013 is still the longest FG in NFL history. On December 8, 2013, kicker Matt Prater had one of his finest days.

Who caught the most interceptions in a season?

The record for most interceptions in a single season is held by Night Train Lane, who logged 14 interceptions as a rookie in 1952, while playing for the Los Angeles Rams. Previously Dan Sandifer of Washington and Spec Sanders jointly held the record, earning 13 interceptions, in 1948 and 1950, respectively.

What NFL quarterback has thrown the most interceptions?

The quarterback that has thrown the most career interceptions in NFL history is Brett Favre. During a 19-year career in the NFL, he threw a total of 336 interceptions.

How many interceptions has Drew Brees thrown?

Over 17 NFL seasons, Drew Brees has thrown for a total of 220 career passing interceptions, which is an average of 13.8 intercepted passes per season. His highest intercepted pass season came in 2010 when he threw for a total of 22 interceptions.

What is the NFL record for interceptions?

The National Football League (NFL) record for most interceptions recorded in a game by an individual is 4 held by 18 players, most recently accomplished by DeAngelo Hall (USA) while playing for the Washington Redskins against the Chicago Bears (both USA) on 24 October 2010.

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