What is the seed for a desert biome in Minecraft?

What is the seed for a desert biome in Minecraft?

Biome: Desert The first one is north of the spawn point, at -408,70,-216, while the second is south of the spawn point, at -472,69,248.

What is the seed for a desert village in Minecraft PE?

#1 – Minecraft PE Seed: 1136332378 This Minecraft Pocket Edition seed’s spawn is really close to a desert village, ravine, and desert temple — great finds to ensure a good game run. This village has quite a few chests filled with food and other materials, two iron golems, and many cats to tame!

What is the best desert seed in Minecraft?

Many Temples Seed in the Desert: 2035719640

  • Jungle Temple: 22 84 -201.
  • 1st Desert Temple: 33 69 682.
  • 2nd Desert Temple: -740 65 746.
  • 3rd Desert Temple: -228 65 538.
  • 4th Desert Temple: 1178 65 193.
  • 5th Desert Temple: 1129 65 570.
  • 6th Desert Temple: -669 69 -277.
  • 1st Village: -905 89 -384.

How do you make seeds in Minecraft PE?

Steps to Use Seeds for Minecraft PE Start Minecraft PE on your device and click the Play button. With the Worlds tab selected, click the Create New button. Click the Generate Random button and set your game options. On the right-hand side, scroll down and enter the Seed in the box provided. Click the Play button on the left-hand side of the screen.

What is a seed in Minecraft PE?

Minecraft PE players are certainly familiar with the word “seed”. A seed in Minecraft PE is a random combination of digits and letters to help you create the world you play in by the creation program of game world. Do follow these steps below to ensure that you will use seeds effectively.

What is the desert seed in Minecraft?

Desert Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) Use one of these Minecraft seeds to create a world where you spawn in a Desert biome. In Minecraft, the Desert biome is a very dry area that is made up of sand, cacti, and dead bushes. Along the sides of the rivers, you can sometimes find sugar canes growing.

What are the best Minecraft village seeds?

Hands down one of the best Minecraft village seeds because it’s right near the spawn, has a dungeon for 15 diamonds, has two ocean monuments, and plenty more dungeons to explore for resources. This is the great village seed of 1.8.2 and plenty of other versions that it works on too.

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