What is the size of i20 tyre?

What is the size of i20 tyre?

Hyundai Elite i20 wears tyres of 195/55 R16 87V size. There are 83 different tyre models available for Elite i20 from renowned brands like CEAT, MRF, Bridgestone and more.

Which tyre size is best for i20?

Hyundai Elite i20 Tyre Size Available

Car Model Tyre Size Wheel Type
Hyundai Elite i20 Magna Executive 185/70 R 14 Steel Wheels
Hyundai Elite i20 Sportz 185/70 R 14 Steel Wheels
Hyundai Elite i20 Asta 195/55 R 16 Steel Wheels
Hyundai Elite i20 Asta (O) 195/55 R 16 Alloy Wheels

What is the tyre size of Elite i20 Asta?

The Asta 1.4 (O) CRDI variant of Hyundai Elite i20 Year “2018 – Current” comes with tyre size 195/55R16 from the company. You can use these tyres with wheels of Rim diameter (R) 16 Inches, No. of Holes 4 or 8 and PCD 100, 100+108 or 100+114.3.

Can I replace 14 inch wheels with 15 inch?

The short answer is no you cannot put a 14 inch tire on a 15 inch rim, because the hole in the middle of the tire would be too small. You can put a tire that is wider/narrower or taller/shorter on a properly sized rim.

Does the Hyundai i20 have a spare wheel?

No spare tyre though – underneath the boot’s floor is the 48-volt battery needed for the mild-hybrid system. In terms of flexibility it has the standard 60/40 split-folding rear seats. There isn’t a clever ‘magic seating’ option like in the Honda Jazz for instance.

What is the tyre size of Creta?

205/65 R16
Hyundai Creta wears tyres of 205/65 R16 size.

Will bigger rims damage my car?

Bigger Wheels = Bigger Bills Overall, bigger tires and wheels are better for increasing your vehicle’s traction. Changing to larger tires with an improper sidewall height can cause damage to your vehicle’s suspension system, wheels, and the tires themselves, and can run the risk of incorrect speedometer readings.

What is the tyre size of Hyundai i20?

What is the tyre size of Hyundai i20? The tyre size of Hyundai i20 is 185/65 R15. Bike? Share your experiences with? Have a Question about Hyundai i20? Didn’t find the question you were looking for?

Can I upsize tyres in Hyundai Elite i20?

The top end Hyundai Elite i20 variants are already offered with larger tyre sizes leaving nearly no scope for further augmentation. However, the upsizing option is open for the base variants with 14-inch tyres. Here, as the first recommended upsize choice, the 185/70 R 14 tyres can be equipped with wider 195/60 R 15 tyres.

What is the bolt pattern on a Hyundai i20?

Hyundai i20 wheel specs and tire sizes (2018 – 2020) Bolt pattern (PCD): 4 × 100 Center Bore (CB): 54.1 Thread size (THD): 12 x 1.5

What is the mileage of Hyundai i20 3rd generation?

The third-generation of Hyundai i20 is available in four variants Magna, Sportz, Asta and Asta (O). Hyundai i20 returns a mileage of 20-25 kmpl, puts out the maximum power of 118.36 bhp @ 6000rpm and maximum torque of 171.62 nm @ 1500-4000 rpm.

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