What is the standard trigger pull on a Glock?

What is the standard trigger pull on a Glock?

All full-sized and compact Glocks have a trigger pull measuring approximately twenty-four newtons, or 5.39 pounds, versus twenty-eight newtons of force, or 6.29 pounds of force for smaller, concealed carry Glock handguns.

Are Glock barrels stainless steel?

BCA barrels for Glock 17 handguns are manufactured by Bear Creek Arsenal in Sanford NC, USA. Durable and highly accurate, our Glock 17 barrels are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Why is the Glock trigger so bad?

One complaint about Glocks, however, is that their trigger pull is too light to be safe, causing accidental discharges. Pulling the trigger disengages three different safeties, each of which is designed to stop an accidental discharge that doesn’t involve a finger on the trigger.

Do Glocks have good triggers?

All pistols in affordable price ranges have weaknesses. The Glock safe trigger is awful; it is mushy, a good trigger pull is crisp and unencumbered and resets firmly. the best trigger for a semi auto is a single action. It’s why 1911s still have better triggers.

What exactly is a Glock 25 cent trigger job?

The Glock 25 cent trigger job is using polishing compound and polishing a couple of internal surfaces to get a smoother trigger. I’ve done this on two separate guns, one after 500 rounds and one after 2000 rounds.

Is this a Gen 5 Glock Aftermarket trigger upgrade?

This Glock Aftermarket Trigger will work as a Glock Gen 5 Trigger Upgrade. Better than any 25 cent Trigger job Glock Video and Complete Glock Disassembly and Reassembly Instructions.

What is the trigger pull weight on a Glock 20SF?

I have a Glock 20SF that consistently had a 8lb trigger. Installed the trigger spring kit after recommended polishing. The trigger pull weight is now 4.5 lbs consistently. Surprising results to say the least!

What is custom Glock Trigger Kit?

Custom Glock Trigger Kit includes accurately calibrated spring weights that deliver consistent force through the entire compression and release cycle to give you a light, refined trigger pull without sacrificing the reliability of your pistol’s Safe Action system.

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