What is the synonym of upgrade?

What is the synonym of upgrade?

What is another word for upgrade?

promote advance
raise elevate
boost lift
progress aggrandize
exalt develop

What is another word for new and improved?

What is another word for improved?

better upgraded
latest newest
new foremost
up-to-date intricate
prime supreme

What does it mean to upgrade someone?

To move or improve someone or something to a better or higher rank, position, grade, quality, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between “upgrade” and “to.” We’ve been upgrading the entire department to a new state-of-the-art security system.

Is there a word called upgradation?

Meaning of upgradation in English the process of improving the quality or usefulness of something, or of giving a person a more important job: The Centre has approved projects worth about Rs 40 crore for the upgradation of industrial estates in the city.

How do you say do better?

synonyms for do better

  1. recover.
  2. resume.
  3. come again.
  4. re-enter.
  5. reappear.
  6. recur.
  7. remigrate.
  8. triumph.

How do you use the word upgrade?

They’ve upgraded the quality of their service. The city is upgrading the sewage treatment plant. The office is upgrading the telephone system. They upgraded the hotel to attract more business patrons.

What’s the difference between update and upgrade?

Basically, think of an upgrade as a less frequent, more drastic change to the software you are currently using. A software update, on the other hand, can be more frequent, fix little bugs or make small tweaks, and is often used to repair the product. This sums up the main difference between system updates.

Whats the difference between upgrade and update?

What is another word for upgrade?

Synonyms for upgrading include advancement, ascent, creation, elevation, preference, preferment, promotion, rise, upgrade and advance. Find more similar words at

What is the noun for upgrade?

upgrade. noun. /ˈʌpɡreɪd/. /ˈʌpɡreɪd/. jump to other results. upgrade (to something) the act of making a machine, computer system, etc. more powerful and efficient; the more powerful and efficient machine, computer system, etc. instructions for installing an upgrade to the existing system.

What is another word for improve?

[im-proov] See more synonyms for improve on Thesaurus.com. verb (used with object), im·proved, im·prov·ing. to bring into a more desirable or excellent condition: He took vitamins to improve his health. to make (land) more useful, profitable, or valuable by enclosure, cultivation, etc.

What is another word for enhance?

Synonyms for enhance. ameliorate, amend, better, enrich, help, improve, meliorate, perfect,

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