What is the verb for poder?

What is the verb for poder?

Spanish Verb poder: to be able is poder

Simple Tenses – Spanish Verb poder
Present Presente can, be able puedo puedes
Imperfect Imperfecto could, was able podía podías
Preterit Pretérito could, was able pude pudiste

How do you use the verb poder in Spanish?

Although poder can be used alone, it most often is used an auxilary verb to mean “can” or “be able to.” As an auxiliary verb, poder is followed by an infinitive. The infinitive form, poder, can be used as a noun to refer to power or authority.

How do you conjugate Poder in the preterite tense?

Poder is conjugated as an irregular verb in the preterite tense….Poder Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo pude
él/ella pudo
ns. pudimos
vs. pudisteis

Do you conjugate poder?

In the present tense, poder is known as an o –> ue stem-changing verb….Poder in the Present Tense.

Subject Pronoun Present Tense of Poder Meaning
nosotros/as podemos we are able to/can
vosotros/as podéis you all (Spain) are able to/can
ellos/ellas/ustedes pueden they/you all are able to/can

What does Pensar plus infinitive mean?

When followed by an infinitive, pensar is used to indicate plans or intentions. Pienso viajar a Venezuela. I think (plan) to travel to Venezuela.

What is the infinitive of puedo?

Infinitives can be used to talk about the future with the verb ir (to go). The verb ir + a is the equivalent of saying ‘going to …’ in English….When do we use infinitives?

Spanish English
puedo I am able to/can
puedes you are able to/can
puede he/she/it is able to/can
se puede one/you can

What does puede mean in English?

Puede que, literally meaning “it can be” when it is the subject of a sentence, is an alternative phrase for expressing possibility. It is normally followed by a verb in the subjunctive mood.

What does pueden mean in Spanish?

puedo, this is the verb “poder” in spanish conjugated for the first person means yo puedo has the same functions CAN has in English.. expresses permission, possibility ability… the conjugation is simple in present… yo puedo. tu puedes.

What is the conjugation of Poder?

Poder is a common verb that is usually used as an auxiliary verb as the equivalent of “can” or “to be able.”. Its conjugation is highly irregular; the -o- in the stem usually changes to -u- or -ue-, and the ending also changes at times.

What is the conjugation of Pedir?

The verb pedir (conjugation) means “to request” or “to ask for”. The verb pedir is known as a stem-changing -ir verb, because the e changes to i in the third person singular and plural.

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