What is the worst laminate flooring at Home Depot?

What is the worst laminate flooring at Home Depot?

Out of all the laminate flooring sold at Home Depot, TrafficMaster is the worst. This is especially noticeable when you compare it to other brands they carry, like Pergo.

What is the best brand of laminate flooring?

Best Laminate Flooring Brands (and Brands to Avoid) 1 Pergo 2 Mohawk 3 Shaw 4 Armstrong 5 AquaGuard 6 Dream Home 7 Tarkett 8 Select Surfaces More

What is laminate flooring made of?

We mentioned above that laminate is a multi-layer floor. And generally speaking, it’s composed of three main layers (though it depends on the product). From the bottom up, they are: And a high-density fiberboard or wood composite base layer that gives the floor structure. A photo-realistic image layer that gives the floor its look.

Is Mohawk or Pergo better for laminate floors?

Pergo’s water-resistant laminate is called WetProtect, as where Mohawk’s is RevWood Plus. While Mohawk has a greater variety, Pergo has a select amount of unique entries. These combine to deliver some truly excellent options for laminate flooring. If you want natural woods, you should go with Pergo.

What is AC4 rated laminate flooring?

AC4 Rating Nearly all of their laminate flooring is rated AC4. This means they are durable enough to withstand both commercial and residential traffic, greatly reducing the chance of scratches and tears.

Is Armstrong a good brand for floor cleaners?

Like their flooring selection, Armstrong offers a solid amount of floor cleaners. Whether you need multi-surface, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate, Armstrong has a cleaning solution to fit your needs. You can get water-resistant laminate flooring from just about any of the top brands.

Is Sam’S Club select surfaces laminate flooring any good?

If you’re not a regular shopper of Sam’s Club, you’ve likely never heard of Select Surfaces. It’s actually a pretty decent laminate floor manufacturer that holds its own for a few reasons. What Makes Select Surfaces Stand Out?

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