What is the XQ grant?

What is the XQ grant?

XQ Project Backs Schools in 16 States The Super Schools initiative in 2016 awarded some $102 million to existing and new innovative high schools in 16 states. The project is an initiative of the XQ Institute, a nonprofit organization funded by and closely affiliated with the Emerson Collective.

What is XQ?

XQ is a combination of IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and personality traits. When you triangulate these 3 things together, you can create amazing synergy at work. It’s all about understanding the human mind, and making sure strategies have your people in mind.

What is XQ the super school project?

XQ Institute is the nation’s leading organization dedicated to rethinking the high school experience so that every student graduates ready to succeed in life. We share what’s working with other schools and districts, so they can tailor new models to the needs of their own students and communities.

What is XQ rethink together?

XQ’s Rethink Together Forum provides a home for cutting-edge thinking about issues of school design, educational innovation, and educational justice. And as educators around the country think about COVID-19 and school closures, we created content about what to expect as schools reopen.

Is XQ a charter school?

XQ, which is led by former Obama education official Russlynn Ali, has awarded grants to a mix of charter and district schools across the country.

When was XQ institute founded?

These six principles, updated in fall 2019 to reflect lessons learned since our launch in 2015, are fundamental to every XQ school. We created Rethink Together to help high school students, educators, and families find and share resources.

When was XQ founded?

These six principles, updated in fall 2019 to reflect lessons learned since our launch in 2015, are fundamental to every XQ school.

What is XQ movie?

Classic Cinemas XQ provides exceptional quality for our most discerning guests – the ultimate in movie presentation. Every auditorium detail has been expertly designed and uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance how the movie is experienced and brought to life as the filmmaker intended.

What are super schools?

Welcome to Team Superschools Team Superschools (TSS), a fun, inspirational and exciting way of raising funds for primary schools using the power of sport. TSS sees pupils rub shoulders with their Olympic and Paralympic heroes. We promote healthy lifestyles and raise aspirations amongst young children.

What is an XQ movie?

What do you call a movie theater that plays old movies?

Repertory theaters are theaters that primarily show classic movies the way they were meant to be seen.

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