what is This Blog For ?


A desire to share :

This blog is intended to be as comprehensive as possible on ” how to make a movie from A to Z : from the idea to the realization. This is a short film, a telefilm or a feature film, here you can find everything you need to know to get there.

As you already know, making movies is not easy. There are several ways to get there (schools, training, education, be self taught, etc…), but whatever road you take, or will take, nothing is worth the experience. There are very few professionals who take the time to explain the pitfalls to get there. Being self-taught, and working for television and the cinema for over 14 years, I propose that you answer all the questions that you ask and assist you in the advancement of your project. Making movies is a team effort !!!


This blog is it for you ?


– You want to learn all the tricks of the writing story

– You are not comfortable with the technical vocabulary

– You don’t know how or where to start

– You want to achieve but you lack the basics


Then you are on the right blog. Our articles will explain simple steps and :

– How to collect and organize your ideas

– All stages of writing

You explain the technical jargon

– Prepare for the shoot

– Tell you where you can find the money and fund your projects

You train


In order to start from the beginning, I invite you to read the article to begin with.


Our partners :

We recently partnered up with the forum des images for the Masterclass+ by clicking on the tab of the menu you can access a multitude of videos and short free of charge ;o)

You will notice that banner ads are present on the site, there are two of them :o)

They allow us, if you click on it, maintain this site online by touching a few cents each time. It’s a small gesture for you, which costs you nothing.

It happens that on some articles we provide links business : books, applications, hardware, etc…

Please be aware that these items are not controls, we do not touch money to make or promote a particular product.


Links to Apple or Amazon are simply affiliated, that is to say that we receive a small commission on what you buy, without this costing you more!!!

This commission (as well as two banner ads) helps us to ensure that this site is always online and most importantly Free !!!

Whatever happens, we do not recommend this because we do not like. The products that we put forward are tools that we have, that we use in life or for our job. :o)


Our goal is to make quality, that it is for our products, or what we put in before. What we want is your trust and want you to be happy with the site.

I hope that this blog will meet your expectations.Let’s stay connected, we’re here to help you.

Have a good visit.






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