What is ultralinq?

What is ultralinq?

UltraLinq provides flexibility by incorporating core imaging exam formats including: Echocardiogram, Carotid (including IMT) Vascular, General Ultrasound. UltraLinq provides a standardized reporting system designed to reduce repetitive or standard reporting tasks.

Why ultralinq cloud PACs?

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, UltraLinq has developed a versatile cloud PACS to help physicians, sonographers and department staff to simplify their workflow and prioritize patient care.

What do I consent to when using ultralinq?

I consent to allow the Ultralinq Team to use my data to inform me of details concerning Ultralinq via Telephone. I consent to the processing of my data as per the privacy policy which provides for the transfer of my personal data to third countries outside of the EEA, including to the US. *

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