What is Worldwide Individual Augmentation System?

What is Worldwide Individual Augmentation System?

WIAS or the Worldwide Individual Augmentation System is just the system that’s set up to find specific Soldiers who possess needed MOS’s for overseas deployments.

What is a Wias team?

WORLDWIDE INDIVIDUAL AUGMENTATION SYSTEM (WIAS) All Army Soldiers (all COMPOs, including and special operations) missions are encouraged to contact the FORSCOM WIAS Manager. …

Where are Wias taskers?

WIAS Taskers: To view available WIAS taskers for LG LTCs, please see https://www.hrc.army.mil/OPMD/WIAS Taskers.

What is individual augmentee Navy?

Individual Augmentees (IAs) are Sailors who support or “augment” another Navy, Marine Corps or Army command. Sailors usually go to their IA assignment on temporary or TAD orders and return to their current or “parent” command once they complete their assignment.

What does Wias stand for Army?


Acronym Definition
WIAS West Indies Associated States
WIAS Worldwide Individual Augmentee System (US Army)
WIAS Wireless Internet Access System
WIAS Wireless Infrastructure and Application Services (IDC)

What is an individual Mobilization Augmentee?

The IMA (Individual Mobilization Augmentee) program provides a source of trained and qualified members of the SMCR to fill individual military billets that augment the active component structure of the Marine Corps, Department of Defense, or other Departments or Agencies of the US Government.

What is the difference between TPU and Ima?

IMA Soldiers work predominantly with and for active-duty commands instead of in Reserve units, known as troop program units or TPUs, he explained. “Support to the active component or staff is the primary significant difference between the IMA and TPU,” Kesling said.

What are IMA positions?

IMAs are Air Force Reservists assigned to active-component units and government agencies. They are managed by Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization located at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, and serve over 50 separate major commands, combatant commands and government agencies.

What is IMA Army Reserve?

Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Soldiers have shown to be an integral part of our modern day force. IMA Soldiers participate in a large number of CO-ADOS, ADOS, and mobilization tours to support various commands and area of operation. The IMA program is comprised of 79 authorized agencies.

What is an individual mobilization Augmentee?

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