What is WP ultimate CSV import & export plugin?

What is WP ultimate CSV import & export plugin?

WP Ultimate CSV or XML Import & Export plugin is a robust import tool. Using it will make your website development easy. Import/Export or Update your WordPress content from any CSV/XML file. Instant or Schedule import for your CSV/XML data into WordPress website.

How to import custom fields from CSV file in WordPress?

The WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin allows you to import custom posts and WordPress Custom Fields from a CSV file into your WordPress site. Using the WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin you will be able to import also the Types Custom Fields, which are the fields you created using the Toolset Types plugin.

What are the features of WordPress CSV importer pro?

WordPress CSV Importer Pro comprises numerous premium features at the best price for meeting the requirements of users. Few features are listed below: ECommerce data import with plugins like WooCommerce, WPeCommerce and Marketpress. Toolset Types with Custom fields, Post Relation, Intermediate post, Repeatable Field & Repeater Field Group import.

What is ultimate CSV XML importer?

Ultimate CSV XML Importer automaps the fields if your CSV headers or columns are the same as that of the WP fields. You can also add custom values to any fields right from the mapping section itself. It helps you to assign everything beautifully with simple drag & drop of CSV data into WP fields.

How to import data from CSV or XML file to WP?

1 Upload your CSV or XML file. 2 Relate or map your CSV or XML fields with WP fields using drag and drop or simple left/right pick list method. 3 Click Import once you finished your field mappings.

How to import custom fields from CSV to WordPress?

With the robust CSV Import Export plugin for WordPress you can create, update and extend your WordPress objects like users, media, posts and more with the support for the all import of custom post types, Custom taxonomies and Custom fields. Easily import the custom fields of Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress with WP CSV XML Importer.

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