What ispolitico?

What ispolitico?

Politico, is an American political journalism company based in Arlington County, VA, that covers politics and policy in the United States and internationally. It distributes content through its website, television, physical newspapers, radio, and podcasts.

Who is Politico for?

THE MISSION: Politico journalism drives conversation in official Washington, making us ESSENTIAL READING for anyone who is or wants to be a player, and a KEY OUTLET for anyone who is trying to shape a political or government debate. -WHO is trying to GET or HOARD it?

What is the difference between Politico and the New York Times?

Politico uses wording that speaks to the essence of the article, while the NY Times uses wording to impart a perspective. For example, Politico uses phrases like “GOP concerned that…” which liberals and conservatives would find fairly neutral.

Is Politico a liberal or a leftist website?

Politico is leftist website. In the old days we would’ve called them a “liberal rag” like the New York Times. Anyone with any real sense of political acumen would peg POLITICO as definitely leftist in their political orientation after even a cursory scan of their articles. Politico is definitely democrat biased against the republicans.

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