What kind of character is Caliban?

What kind of character is Caliban?

Caliban is a childlike and in many ways childish native of the enchanted island where Prospero lives with his daughter, Miranda.

What does Caliban say about the sounds of the island?

Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not. Caliban, who has spent his life on the island – more than any other character in the play besides Ariel, since Stephano and Trinculo are recent arrivals and Prospero and his daughter Miranda were shipwrecked there – seeks to reassure Stephano that the sounds of the island are nothing to fear.

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What is Caliban’s speech in the White Goddess?

In his ‘grammar of poetic myth’, The White Goddess, Robert Graves observed that Caliban’s speech here combines an ‘illogical sequence of tenses’ which ‘creates a perfect suspension of time’.

Whether or not one accepts this allegory, Caliban remains one of the most intriguing and ambiguous minor characters in all of Shakespeare, a sensitive monster who allows himself to be transformed into a fool. Ace your assignments with our guide to The Tempest !

How is Caliban similar to Prospero in the play?

Through this speech, Caliban suggests that his situation is much the same as Prospero’s, whose brother usurped his dukedom. On the other hand, Caliban’s desire for sovereignty of the island mirrors the lust for power that led Antonio to overthrow Prospero.

What does Caliban’s conspiracy with Stephano and Trinculo mirror?

Caliban’s conspiracy with Stephano and Trinculo to murder Prospero mirrors Antonio and Sebastian’s plot against Alonso, as well as Antonio and Alonso’s original conspiracy against Prospero. Caliban both mirrors and contrasts with Prospero’s other servant, Ariel.

How does Caliban compare himself to Miranda?

The glorified, romantic, almost ethereal love of Ferdinand for Miranda starkly contrasts with Caliban’s desire to impregnate Miranda and people the island with Calibans. Finally, and most tragically, Caliban becomes a parody of himself.

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