What kind of character is Viola in Twelfth Night?

What kind of character is Viola in Twelfth Night?

An aristocratic woman, she is tossed up on the coast of Illyria by a shipwreck at the beginning of the play and disguises herself as the pageboy, Cesario, to make her way. Throughout the play, Viola exhibits strength of character, quick wit, and resourcefulness.

What are the character traits of Viola?

Viola also has a native intelligence, an engaging wit, and an immense amount of charm. These qualities will help her obtain her position with Duke Orsino, and they are also the same qualities which cause Lady Olivia to immediately fall in love with her.

How does Shakespeare make Viola an interesting character?

Another interesting quality in Viola is her positive view of life. Noticeably, Shakespeare’s heroines are essentially “generous, guiltless and of a free disposition”, and their attitude to love is natural and realistic. Thus, Viola is the only lover in Twelfth Night whose love is not her passion’s folly.

Why is Viola an important character in Twelfth Night?

Viola’s Role in Twelfth Night Viola is the catalyst that drives the plot forward. Her arrival in Illyria begins the plot, and the two other main characters falling in love with her opens several plot lines in which her responses to both create more dramatic events. Viola is a dream role for an actor.

How is Viola presented?

In this scene Shakespeare shows Viola to be deeply saddened by her loss, presenting her as a caring character. …read more. Although she is living under a disguise, and therefore deceiving everyone, she shows that she knows she is being deceitful and does not like her lies and the trouble they cause.

Is Viola a dynamic character?

Viola is the heroine of Twelfth Night, and along with Olivia, the play’s centre. However, whereas Olivia is more of a passive character (characters fall in love with her, and pursue her), Viola is active throughout: the catalyst who drives the plot on.

What is the description of Viola?

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How does Viola feel about love?

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Viola’s love, unlike the passions of other characters in the play, is constant and true. Rather than hop-scotch from one romantic interest to the next (Olivia, we’re talking about you), Viola’s devotion is rock-steady and perhaps even a bit self-destructive.

Who does Olivia fall in love with?

Olivia is in mourning at the start of the play, but seems to forget her loss rather quickly. She refuses to meet with any suitors, but with a little persistence from Cesario (Viola) she gives in. Olivia then falls in love with Cesario (Viola). At the end of the play Olivia marries Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian.

What kind of character was Viola?

Viola. A young woman of aristocratic birth, and the play’s protagonist. Washed up on the shore of Illyria when her ship is wrecked in a storm, Viola decides to make her own way in the world. She disguises herself as a young man, calling herself “Cesario,” and becomes a page to Duke Orsino.

How many identities does Viola have?

Viola’s chief problem throughout the play is one of identity. Because of her disguise, she must be both herself and Cesario. This mounting identity crisis culminates in the final scene, when Viola finds herself surrounded by people who each have a different idea of who she is and are unaware of who she actually is.

Who is Viola in Twelfth Night?

Viola is the protagonist of the play Twelfth Night, written by William Shakespeare . Viola’s actions produce all of the play’s momentum. She is a young woman of Messaline.

What is Viola’s relationship with Shakespeare?

In particular, Viola is attracted to the plays of the up-and-coming playwright William Shakespeare. She’s finally been cast in Shakespeare’s company, as the romantic hero Romeo, but to do so she had to disguise herself as a man. Relationship Status… complicated.

Is Viola Shakespeare’s most feminine character?

For most critics, Viola is one of Shakespeare’s most delightful and beloved feminine creations from his comedies.

What are Viola’s character traits?

Like most of Shakespeare’s heroines, Viola is a tremendously likable figure. She has no serious faults, and we can easily discount the peculiarity of her decision to dress as a man, since it sets the entire plot in motion. She is the character whose love seems the purest.

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