What kind of company is Topco?

What kind of company is Topco?

Topco Associates LLC is the largest American retail food GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) and the third largest private company in Illinois….Topco.

Type Private
Founded September 28, 1944
Headquarters Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Area served United States
Key people Randy Skoda President & CEO

How many employees does Topco have?

200 employees
Topco Associates is a small retail company based in Illinois with only 200 employees and an annual revenue of $1.1B. Topco’s mission is to provide solutions for our owners to profitably grow their business and realize a sustainable competitive advantage in the markets they serve.

Who owns Topco Associates?

Topco is a cooperative that is owned by more than 50 member companies, including Associated Grocers, Inc., Meijer, Schnuck Markets, Fresh Brands, Big Y Foods, and Giant Eagle.

Where is Topco headquarters?

Elk Grove Village, IL

What is a Topco entity?

More Definitions of Topco Topco means the entity that, as of the Closing Date, is owned in part by the Parent or any Subsidiary and holds, directly or indirectly, Equity Interests in Gras Savoye.

Where is Topco sold?

in Chatsworth has been sold to investors. The former Chatsworth headquarters of adult novelties manufacturer Topco Sales was sold for $14.1 million to Los Angeles real estate investment trust Rexford Industrial. Rexford bought the 154,000-square-foot industrial building at 9401 De Soto Ave.

What is Topco and Midco?

Topco is typically a Jersey-incorporated, UK tax resident company. Midco 2 is the parent company of Bidco—a wholly owned subsidiary which will acquire either the share capital or the assets of the target.

Who Is Food Club brand?

Topco Associates
Food Club is a Topco Associates brand. According to a press release, the transition is expected to be completed by the end of 2018 and will bring a variety of items to the more than 400 independent grocery stores AFS serves across the intermountain West. Food Club offers more than 1,600 products.

What is HoldCo and OPCO?

“The opco has more means available to deal with issues, while the holdco is completely dependent on its subsidiaries’ dividend streams.” Holdcos do very little outside of a resolution scenario, aside from hold the equity of their subsidiaries.

Where is Topco headquarters located?

Topco headquarters in Elk Grove, Illinois. On September 28, 1944, to deal with wartime shortages, a small cooperative named Food Cooperatives, Inc. was formed by a group of Wisconsin food retailers to supply its members with private label dairy products and paper goods.

When did Topco acquire Braintree?

On February 1, 2006, Topco announced the acquisition of BrainTree Sourcing from Ahold USA, forming a new company called TopSource LLC (as a wholly owned subsidiary of Topco Associates LLC), which is now known as Topco’s Indirect Spend program.

What are some of the Topco Associates brands?

Topco Associates brands include Food Club and Shurfine for general groceries, Harvest Club for produce, World Classics Trading Company is used for pasta sauce, deli mustard, olive oil, vinegar, deli meats etc., while @ease for frozen meals and Papa Enzo’s for frozen pizzas.

How many Topco Associates were named to progressive’s top women in grocery?

LATEST NEWS Three Topco associates named to Progressive Grocer’s 2021 Top Women in Grocery List Topco Members Step Up to Serve Topco Recognizes Member-Owners For Outstanding Own Brand Commitment

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