What kind of doctor does a Coccygectomy?

What kind of doctor does a Coccygectomy?

What is a coccygectomy? Generally, orthopedic or spinal surgeons perform the surgery. Coccygectomy is usually done under general anesthesia. Coccygectomy is the surgical removal of the tailbone (coccyx).

How does a chiropractor adjust your coccyx?

It is basically a sustained and gentle pulling of the tailbone back into it’s normal position. The entire internal procedure takes less than two minutes to administer and often times will not have to be repeated, depending on how long the misalignment has been there and how severe the misalignment.

Can a chiropractor fix tailbone pain?

Chiropractors are trained to treat the majority of tail bone pain via manipulation or mobilisation to the joint. An internal coccyx adjustment can be done by your chiropractor to realign structures, decrease inflammation, and stretch ligaments.

Can you have surgery on your tailbone?

Coccygectomy is the surgical removal of a portion of your tailbone called the coccyx. An incision is made at your sacrum. The coccyx is separated from the sacrum and removed. Surgical removal may involve all or a portion of the coccyx (coccygectomy).

Can you live without a coccyx?

Tailbones helped our ancestors with mobility and balance, but the tail shrank as humans learned to walk upright. The coccyx now serves no purpose in humans.

How common is coccyx pain?

Tailbone pain is common. Women are five times more likely than men to develop coccydynia. Adults and adolescents get it more often than children.

Is walking good for injured tailbone?

Sometimes, the pain can shoot all the way down your legs. Standing or walking should relieve the pressure on your tailbone and ease discomfort.

How long does it take to heal from Coccygectomy?

The most difficult part of the operation is the long healing process. Generally, it takes three months to a year after the surgery before patients see any relief from their symptoms, and sitting is difficult throughout the healing process.

Is Coccygectomy an outpatient procedure?

Coccygectomy as an outpatient procedure gives similar results to inpatient treatment and can be regarded as an acceptable alternative.

What is a coccygectomy?

Coccygectomy is surgery to remove an unstable, dislocated, or broken coccyx after an injury. The coccyx is the small, triangular, tail-like bone near your anus, made up of 3 to 5 smaller bones. It has 2 to 3 parts joined together to form the end of your spine. A direct blow to the area near your anus may damage or break the coccyx.

Would I be a good candidate for a coccygectomy?

The best indication of a good candidate for a coccygectomy is a coccyx which has been shown to be unstable on the basis of a dynamic sit/stand x-ray. Once it has been determined by a surgeon that you’ll be a good candidate for the surgery, you will then need to make the decision to go through with it.

Why are some doctors listed here for coccyx pain?

Doctors and specialists are listed here for one of three reasons: they were recommended by a coccyx pain patient; they are the authors of a relevant medical paper; or because they have informed coccyx.org that they have success in treating coccyx pain. The reason for listing each one is given.

How long does it take to recover from a coccyx surgery?

Most people who have had their coccyx removed are happy they did so and regain their previous quality of life. In the short term during recovery, the surgery will probably increase your pain and you will be out of action for weeks and potentially months. Full recovery could take up to a year.

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